Hello Good Night


Peace on earth

Not happen long time. Difficult return this state. Naive: thought figure something out, thought kind of pro, thought so good no bubbles in cartridge now diabetes on short leash. Pffft. Bigfoot awake for night.

All day Bubs high, even wake up high. Many correction. Normal time for change site is evening; Bigfoot Spouse change little bit early because corrections not work. Then suddenly start work. But if not work because site worn out/clogged/whatever, why new site make corrections (from old site) work?

All day high: 178, 138, 232, 274, 253 (new site), 364, 288, 217, I feel low 127, I feel lower 109, I feel low again 91, 96 (bed), 78 (juice), 79 (juice), and…well, hello.

Bigfoot want remember something for future: other side this exhaustion so lovely. All week make plans, agree do things outside comfort zone, interview/hire additional dream T1D teen babysitter for enable more plans outside comfort zone, share 9PM lobster roll at bar down street, find awesome coat like Cookie Monster pelts, then this. Suck back into BG vortex.


The empties are all snug in their Target bag bin-liner bed.

Everyone snug in bed, Bigfoot try stay awake. So familiar. Hello again. Or maybe not so extreme. It only 1AM. Feel like 4AM for person sleep so well seven consecutive nights.

Except for him. He looks pretty alert.

This guy actually looks pretty alert.

Meanwhile, Bigfoot ❤ Bubs school principal. Even love Principal fanciful turn phrase “specialty area.” Send this email parents entire school (it Bigfoot color scheme):

During this holiday season, please remember that X School does follow the guidelines of the X School District’s adopted policy for wellness. Sweet treats and unhealthy snacks are not permitted.  Please refrain from sending them in.  I am asking that teachers do not serve these items. I will ask that you return any unhealthy food items to your home.  It is a school committee policy that must be adhered to. As a school we prefer not to monitor this as education is our specialty area but several situations have arisen that have caused us concern.  Please be considerate and a model to your children and follow the policy. 

Maybe this in response Bigfoot friend T1D daughter class party w giant cupcake, arrive home BG > 1 million mg/dL. Could be related different (very very nice) friend purchase mini-bags chips + tube yogurt “healthy snacks” large school event. Nice try! Maybe parent complain? Maybe teacher? Bigfoot not complain Bubs’s teacher teen stepdaughter visit class, distribute Red Velvet munchkins, but only because try channel Meri apricot advocacy + like teacher so much + What Would Cinderella Do.

Love. Love. Love.

Thank you for trying.

Part of confusion this policy = concept “healthy snacks.” Some family consider sweet yogurt healthy. Other family consider human consume cow anything = affront mother nature. Still other drive over border Connecticut where raw milk legal, ferment kefir in coat closet. Imagine parent share raw milk kefir for school party snack? Everyone complain.

Many consider Ultimate Healthy Kid Friendly School Snack = strawberry. Same time, many consider strawberry top vile pesticide food, adamant child not consume berry pesticide. Meanwhile, organic berries for 25 kids: $1,075.00. In terms cake, some family consider mini cupcake healthy, even though acknowledge unhealthy in/of self, but healthy if compare to cupcake size of human head. For Bubs, maybe smoke cigarette better health than cupcake size of head. But Bigfoot not pass around cigarette for healthy snack.

Very difficult get every family on same page re meaning healthy/unhealthy. 

Some suggestions for healthy snacks everyone can agree on: raspberries, bacon, marijuana, Diet Coke.



  1. laura · December 10, 2012



  2. Krissy McMomma · December 10, 2012

    Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter…right out of the tube or on apples (organic, if course!)


  3. drjmeade · December 10, 2012

    Whenever I can’t sleep, I wonder if you are up for your own reasons. ($%*#@(). Being in a school where we have such a huge percentage of free and reduced lunch/breakfast students – I am continually amazed that they serve french toast sticks for breakfast or lunch, American Chop Suey (wtf is that?), and so on. We have rules of no distributed foods in classrooms also but many teachers argue about it and feel a right to give out candy rewards. I do my best to straighten them out about the risk they are taking but …. Why are we so stuck on serving crappy food in school and being adamant about doing labs that use candy? I just don’t get it.

    Also, kids, even disgruntled teens, are quite happy with sticker rewards – even stupid ones that have robots that say “Rock on!”


    • katy · December 10, 2012

      Joe brings NUTS to school (probably the most controversial school food ever!), says they’re for himself, but knows the kids steal them. These swiped nuts are probably their best meal of the day, but also probably will be the reason Joe winds up in jail.


  4. Robin Jingjit · December 10, 2012

    I also hate the term “healthy snack” because it means something different to everyone and it basically means nothing. I would interpret it to mean something “whole” and non-artificial, like probably fruit or veggies or something, but I wouldn’t think to worry about carbs, since those aren’t our issue. And I wouldn’t even begin to think of pesticides, even though I can understand parents’ concerns with that too, of course. And then there’s those parents that hear healthy snack and still see no problem serving donuts or cupcakes.

    It’s my boy’s turn to bring snack for preschool tomorrow and they requested something Christmassy. I’m making a fruit/veg plate shaped like a Christmas tree. At least there’s enough variety that I hope everyone can find something they can eat in there.


    • katy · December 10, 2012

      I don’t think even a D-parent would object to some super-carby fruit, even though the net effect of a banana might be the same as a Snickers bar. Your vegetable/fruit tree will be beautiful! I hope you post a picture + how-to.


  5. Nicole P · December 10, 2012

    But Bigfoot not pass around cigarette for healthy snack…. Probably good decision.

    LOL. I hated the oogy diabetes parts of this post, but you ended it making me laugh. Lemons of lemonade. Lemonade healthy snack?


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  8. shannon · January 8, 2013

    YHSMV (your healthy snack may vary)


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