Basketball with Cinderella

Three exclamation points!!! I guess they really mean it.

Seven exclamation points, a laminated sign, and a dedicated sandwich board—I guess they really mean it.

Today first day Bigfoot accompany Bubs basketball. Next town over Middle School very strict gymnasium beverage/snack policy. Policy not mere statement—hired guard prevent parent smuggle in latte, very vigilant. Guard not armed, it middle-aged woman w school logo sweatshirt. But still. Kind of scary break rule, face wrath professional guard. How proceed?


A. Before enter gym, tell guard: I have to bring in some juice and glucose tabs, because my son has diabetes




B. Just bring in, hope not have to use, or if have to use, assume guard not see, and if have to use and guard see, assume guard not make big scene


C. Grow 1/8th one ball, not worry about use juice in gym, if guard mistake Bigfoot snack criminal, explain situation serene, confident, sweet demeanor

How decide? These situation, Bigfoot find best ponder, “What would Cinderella do?” ANSWER: C. Try grow 1/8th one ball.

216 before begin. Halfway through game Bubs I feel low. 111. Whoosh<–sound of dropping. Bubs refuse glucose/juice/Larabar, say actually, I feel fine now. Bigfoot keep eye. Not so vigorous dribble. Kind of dark under-eye area. Encourage test. No, I’m fine. Encourage then just have a glucose tab.

BIGFOOT: You look the way you look when you’re low

BUBS: Fine. I’ll test so you can see that I’m not low




Boom, that definite drop + mos def too low continue basketball sans sugar boost.

Once Bubs see seventy-seven, change I feel fine tune. Decide rest w basketball for pillow, eat last three Glucolift.

While Bubs rest, three times Coach check in. Bubs, whenever you’re ready I need you to get back in there. This man trying inclusive? Trying let Bubs know: you may be out, but I haven’t forgotten about you, Champy. Or this man think Bubs sort of wimpy/faking? Not sure Bigfoot Spouse explain diabetes this coach.

What would Cinderella do? Mid-game not seem good opportunity for clarify. Decide Cinderella most likely beneficent smile. Every time Coach check in, Bubs ask “two more minutes,” Bigfoot see lips move as count seconds under breath. Can see get confused, shake head, start count over one, two, three, trying reach 120. Eventually stand up, play.

Gym floor + basketball = chaise lounge.

Two more minutes. Give me two more minutes. I’ll be okay in two minutes.

Suss out sports BG seem impossible. But next time will remember 216 not high enough for play basketball, maybe remember eat snack before enter gym. Maybe even remember -(x)% temp basal hour (more?) before play. Maybe remember both.

See charming, moving, heart-lifting Insulindependence video Kerri post: kids so put together, so confident, fling pump in cooler, get on with sports, healthy, syringe, whatever, no biggie. Long vignette w teary, worried, proud, happy D-mom around midpoint. Sports important get right.



  1. laura · December 8, 2012

    I choose C also. But dammit – sorry he had to lay out like that. Roo sips lower carb gatorade all during if BGs are being buggers (I am not from England. ??) My mouth is dry just reading that sign let alone sitting though a bball game.


    • katy · December 8, 2012

      Low carb Gatorade–we had some of that over the summer! Good idea. (I think there’s even a colorless one that would be easy to sneak into the tight-security gym.)


  2. Eileen · December 8, 2012

    We start basketball in January & I was already wondering what combo of snacks & temp basal might work. Matthew gets low from just playing on his ripstick for a little bit. I hope you are able to figure out a good formula so I can learn from your wisdom!


    • katy · December 8, 2012

      I will have to google around to even know where to begin. I am sure that I like the idea of decreasing insulin more than increasing juice. If only Reyna’s blog weren’t hidden now—I vaguely remember that Skittles are part of her smart plan.


  3. Christine · December 8, 2012

    For soccer and basketball we do a snack (usually a Z bar) but bolus for only half before the game starts. With no IOB he can tend to go higher during the game. This also helps keep him dropping too much (most of the time). He also sips the low carb Gatorade throughout if he is trending lower. Sports are so tough!! But worth it!


    • katy · December 8, 2012

      Thank you for this. B loves Zbars–this is a good use for them! I noticed this is the 2nd vote for low carb Gatorade. Definitely trying it.


  4. pawslovediabetes · December 8, 2012

    Oh what fun the blood sugar game is…

    I was having trouble dropping when hiking with the dogs but having a snack was too much correction at once, glucose tab didn’t last long enough to keep me from dropping again almost immediately. Spoke to my doctor and told her hiking and sipping off a juice box is lame and honestly a pain in the ass. She told me: Put 4 oz of juice (she said preferably “real” juice) in a full water bottle and viola! 4 oz. juice in my water bottle (nalgene) while hiking and it seems to keep me pretty well in the middle. Give it a try, I’m sure with fine tuning it might work great for sports stuff, and that diluted you could probably sneak it past the drink police. πŸ˜‰


  5. amireally · December 9, 2012

    for really aerobic exercise (basketball, running, etc.) I have to start my temp basal at least an hour before, and really dramatic. like 20% of normal. and sometimes still have a snack before starting. i think i’m on the extreme edge of this, lotsa type 1s don’t have to reduce as much. but an idea if he seems to drop a lot.

    also temp basal might be good cuz if 216 wasn’t high enough, then you’re getting into the territory where he might feel crappy/have trouble doing as well in the sport if you start him higher. when i get into mid 200s, i can exercise but am slower/less motivated. and sometimes my muscles burn (definitely burn if 300s). reducing the basal also helps avoid the belly full o food/juice phenomenon that can be annoying when running around.

    when i was in high school i ran cross country for 2 seasons before getting my pump. race time my belly was always full of water from overshooting & being 300, or undershooting and having to eat. one time a teammate told me she could hear the water sloshing in my belly while we were running, hahaa. the pump makes it easier but it’s still rough. exercise is the one area that i feel like i really haven’t figured out how to handle well (despite nearly 18 years with t1 and being a healthcare professional myself). but don’t worry, some people seem to have an easier time of it πŸ™‚ (exhibit 1, kerri at sixuntilme)


  6. Scott K. Johnson · December 10, 2012

    Echoing what @amirealy said above – with temp basal rates I have to start them about 60-90 minutes before I want to see it affect my BG. Also, something interesting I learned during my bike training. A fast drop in blood sugar is typically due to some insulin on board from a previous bolus, and a slower drop is from basal insulin.

    Exercise for me is often hard too, and even though I have experimented my way into a routine for my afternoon basketball, there are days where diabetes just doesn’t cooperate. Hang in there – you guys can figure out something to make this work.


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