Two Not Medical Advice: Dessert First + Miracle (Maybe)Cheese

The miracle cheese:

Merry english muffin season.

New favored breakfast = english muffin (no panic–it whole wheat; wait, what? Still carbs?) + butter + honey (!) + obligatory milky black tea/stevia. This schoolday breakfast = superspike. So big spike, maybe make bad impression school nurse.

Data sample:

7AM 85, english muffin combo. 10:30AM 275.

7:30AM 90, english muffin combo. 10:30AM 231.

etc. every school day forever.

Today some science. Bigfoot ask Bubs eat cheese slice after english muffin combo. One slice provolone cheese. Result:

Just add cheese.

7AM 79, english muffin combo. 10:30AM 81. School nurse BG email take Bigfoot fucking breath away.

This not medical advice. Maybe always add cheese? Unless high cholesterol problem. Bigfoot, Bigfoot mother, sister, grandmother, both sons, all high HDL cholesterol. Maybe = natural cheese protection?

One other english muffin news. Grocery store notice “Light” whole wheat Thomas’s english muffin. Higher carb (26g CHO) than plain whole wheat Thomas’s english muffin (23g CHO)! This paradigm “Light” give Bigfoot gross Calorie King feeling, pleated pants, leather belt ostentatious mark for old waist size, waggle finger, “Carbs matter, but calories are king!”

Dessert, then homework, then play, then dinner, then NO dessert, then reading, then bed.

The dessert thing:

Realize/forget this over and over and over, but perhaps suckiest workaday part this adventure = high BG bedtime. Because high BG = correct, stay awake, see if lower, if not lower, correct, stay awake…etc.  forever til magical hour 4:30AM.

So. If *certain* dessert going to happen, and in correct phase of realize/forget cycle, Bigfoot try make happen before dinner. Because even if belly full broccoli/tempeh/quinoa/chia/kale, sure able cram in dessert. So. Once dessert foregone conclusion, might as well eat dessert ASAP, give ample time work out kinks before mommy zombify.



  1. g · November 27, 2012

    Wow…sounds like a good day at chez bigfoot!!! Congrats Mom!!!


    • Katy · November 27, 2012

      I was just bragging about your paleo bun to someone. do you still make those? Hint hint.


  2. krisfitz · November 27, 2012

    Maybe cheese for dessert? (Add fruit and pretend to be in France?)


  3. Katie · November 27, 2012

    Wow, I might have to try the cheese thing. I eat a Thomas Enligh muffin almost every day. Not sure which flavor, but I know it’s 25 carbs. I put chunky peanut butter on after toasting and I bolus a good 8-10 minutes before I start eating. I’d say my numbers work 75% of the time. Perhaps cheese is magic!


    • Katy · November 27, 2012

      ooh—peanut butter is my ideal! b has hit some kind of pb wall–won’t even eat his beloved pb graham crackers lately.


  4. Robin Jingjit · November 27, 2012

    I think cheese is the answer to a lot of life’s questions.


  5. Eileen · November 27, 2012

    We have o.d’d on the peanut butter, too, at least for now. Going to toss that boy a slice of land o’ lakes tomorrow & see what happens.


    • Katy · November 28, 2012

      I love it! I hope it works. Then it will be rock solid cheese science.


  6. shannon · December 2, 2012

    has the cheese continued to deliver results? if so, i call it a medical miracle!


    • Katy · December 2, 2012

      the cheese has continued to show some promise.


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