Two Disconcerts, No Photo Available

Disconcert #1 (long one)

Yesterday Bigfoot math volunteer Bubs’s class. Notice Bubs read library book while teacher give math instructions, then continue read when divide into groups.

Friend call “Hey B, how about you, me, and P?” Bubs not reply, although this premium favorite friend group. “Bubs?” Bubs blink at friend say Nah, I’m leaving. I have low blood sugar.

Teacher hear, ask classmate escort Bubs nurse’s office, meanwhile math volunteer job begin: help children plan 8-person Thanksgiving feast for as close to $175 as possible using Shaw’s sale flyer.

Bubs not come back, not come back, Bigfoot think must be low, must be recover on nurse fainting couch. Then Bubs come back. Sit on floor near group. Group already chose turkey, 99cents/pound. Already calculate cost. Already choose beverage: it Mountain Dew. Ten bottles, $10. Now time for choose vegetables. Boys discuss merits canned vs. fresh. Bubs move away. Sit alone, criss-cross applesauce on cold floor, chin on palm of hand/elbow on knee. Pale.

BIGFOOT: Hi! What’s going on?

BUBS: I’m not going to tell you

BIGFOOT: Why did you leave your group?

BUBS: (Scowls, moves away)

BIGFOOT: Should I leave you alone? I feel like something’s wrong (<–insightful)

Then awesome teacher approach, explain Hey Bubs, your group needs you! Come on, buddy. That  type friendly man chat. It work. Then teacher explain quietly Bigfoot it turns out he was angry that he had to wait so long to test his blood sugar, because someone else was in the nurse’s office, getting their I think it was a GI tube? changed, so it took a long time. But his number was fine. Anyway, it turns out he was just angry that they chose the drinks without him. Guess he’s not so into Mountain Dew.

Meanwhile, Bubs move away. Sit alone again, scowl Bigfoot, mumble something.

BIGFOOT: What did you say?

BUBS: I said I’m DEPRESSED because you did not put anything. Edible. In. My. Lunchbox. So I’m not going to eat ANYTHING for the rest of the day

BIGFOOT: Well, you’re in luck. Because I’m here today. And there’s still time before lunch. So you can tell me what you’d like and I will go get it*

BUBS: I don’t want ANYTHING. Everything you make is always disgusting

BIGFOOT: (having seen this extremely negative rage personality before, makes an unbelievable offer) How about if I go to McDonald’s, and get chicken nuggets and an icy Diet Coke, and drop them off for you in the office?

BUBS: I TOLD you. I don’t. Want. Anything. Especially NOT FROM YOU

BIGFOOT: How about EATS?


BIGFOOT: How about Five Guys?

BUBS: Nice job on wasting your life trying to name restaurants. You don’t even know any good restaurants


After math volunteer job end (Bigfoot recommend each group $4.99 clementines, Buy One Get One Free Boursin cheese, avoid pre-made Shaw’s pie. Very help), nurse call Bigfoot telephone. Hello, Bigfoot? It’s not an emergency. Before recess he was 79. When he came at 9:30 he was 252, no ketones. When he left math because he felt low, he was 119, and then just a little bit later he was 79 so I knew he was dropping so I got him to eat part of a Luna bar…

All pieces fall into place. Bubs read instead pay attention because BG mid-plummet. Does right thing: visit nurse. But # is normal. So return same dismal situation. Sit in math, more plummet. Feel worse and worse. Probably feel something along line of “I asked for help because I feel like shit and they told me I was fine.” Disconcert because: not sure how could be different, but this very sad.

Disconcert #2 (short one)

Pick up Rx refill @pharmacy. This trip Rx special. Because for 1st time in forever, pick up syringe refill. Because travel Thanksgiving. Because back up for pump is Lantus pen/pen needles + Humalog (non-pen) + syringes. Co-pay for syringes: $25.72. That weird amount for copay. Thought would be $5. Call Blue Cross. Very helpful. Say Bigfoot responsible entire cost syringes because name brand. Ask is there a generic brand I could get instead? Answer no but: you can get them at no cost from a durable goods supplier. Say what? Blue Cross Rep start rattle off names durable good suppliers.

Disconcert because: Bigfoot consider mail-order diabetes supplies territory of Actual Diabetes Persons. Such as: people meet at Friends for Life (experts), old people, Type 2s, people who can’t drive/no legs/blind, Wilfred Brimley. Today mark day Bigfoot cross over into Actual Diabetes Person.

*Defensive N.B.: Bigfoot not usually so coddle, but Cognitive Behavior Diabetes Therapist teach Bigfoot how bend away conflict this manner when child so insanely unreasonable.



  1. Emily B · November 21, 2012

    ohhh, it must be soooo hard to feel like shit and be told you’re fine. Not sure how to fix that one either. I can picture the same scenario (and attitude) that you described as scenes I’ve been in with C. The problem with it is I would’ve gone… do you think you should retest? and I would’ve gotten the snappiest responses in the meanest tones telling me he just tested and was fine. Not sure how you’d fix that situation either. Maybe if he feels low and number is fine, retest in 5-10 min anyways?

    Other comment. Feel bad because he was low buttttt, You know how kids/babies/dogs do things that are funny but you’re not allowed to laugh at it and encourage them, but you laugh out loud and their parent/guardian glares at you? ok, I would’ve been the jerk that tried to hide my laugh when he told you “Nice job ON WASTING YOUR LIFE trying to name restaurants”, that was funny. I actually did laugh and didn’t hide it since I’m in California.


    • Katy · November 21, 2012

      Thank you for reading my tale of woe. I feel better just having someone see it and get it. I’m going to go waste some more of my life now.


  2. Robin Jingjit · November 21, 2012

    Oh, poor kid. That must really have sucked. And since you only ever write about him saying mean/weird things like that when he’s low, it must’ve been so confusing to you, too. What the heck, why are you acting like this? Were you pretty sure something was up?


    • Katy · November 21, 2012

      I didn’t figure it out fast enough to help him. It was sad. Poor fellow.


  3. Jackie · November 21, 2012

    durable good suppliers are the most annoying things ever. at least mine is. sucks to be low and not be low – I just eat stuff, maybe figure out where it’s okay to eat something when you’re not yet low… or dexcom. I should really wear mine more often.


  4. laura · November 22, 2012

    how did you keep yourself from going to the nurse?


  5. Julia · November 22, 2012

    Yes, it does stink to feel low yet not yet be low. But he is feeling himself dropping fast and it is good he can identify this. So now you know he experiences this and you can just check again a little later. When are they going to let Bubs test himself either in the classroom or just outside the door of the classroom. There will come a time when you will realise Bubs will be losing quite a bit of class trotting off to the nurse’s office and waiting for her to test, treat, waiting to come up, then going back to class. I disagree strongly with the process and think the school nurses should go up to them, test outside the classroom door. Or child should do it and call Mom or nurse on cell. Or child could do it and show teacher if low; teacher call nurse. Teacher should go out to hall if child does not come back in five minutes to check on him. It’s simply not fair these kids miss so much class going down to the nurse. Hope it can be avoided if your nurse is cooperative. Missing most of his Math class should be unacceptable…. and of course this will happen again and again. Oh and waiting until she treats a child with GI tube, then gets around to treating him. There has to be a better way. After about the first year, we objected. Second year nurse’s office happened to be directly across the hallway from her class, then we had her do it herself. But first year she had to walk two long corridors and small flight of stairs to get ot the nurse’s office when low. Unacceptable. Child escort they used to provide…. also unacceptable. Just my opinion. P.S. I’m glad you were there to see how much class your child missed because they’re not going to tell you.


  6. Scott K. Johnson · November 22, 2012

    This post broke my heart a little bit. Diabetes is no fair.


  7. Anne · November 23, 2012

    What I find the most disconcerting about the first episode, is that your son had to wait at the nurse’s office to check his blood sugar, when he felt the symptoms of hypoglycemia. What were they waiting for … a medical emergency?
    When my son was in elementary school the protocol was to call the health office and one of the nurses would come to the room, with meter and juice, if the teacher felt my son couldn’t make it to the health office.
    Perhaps we underestimate all that went on in the classroom, but we never felt my son missed much of value by going to the nurse’s office. He felt better recovering there than he did sitting in the classroom feeing weak and spaced out.


  8. Heather · November 23, 2012

    I’m so sorry that happened. The feeling of dropping / low sugar symptoms and then getting a normal number is so frustrating. It happens to me all of the time. I usually test because I feel symptomatic (anxious, unable to concentrate), get a normal number and think “great, I’m just losing my shit”. Then test 20 min. later and get a low number and I think ha! my body was right…and I’m only sort of losing my shit!

    It’s not your fault, though…sometimes symptoms come on so slow they are hard to notice or distinguish from normal behavior. It must be hard to see him struggle, but you are doing a great job and you are so dedicated and on top of his diabetes. I know you’ve heard this before, but the CGM will help to show those patterns.

    -Heather Donnelly


  9. Krissy McMomma · November 24, 2012

    I crossed into the dark side of mail-order pharmacy for D-related supplies ONLY right after Ella was diagnosed. Took a while to work out all of the kinks, but now it’s pretty convenient. Plus I’m learning to work the mail order system. When you get into it, I’ll let you know my secrets.


  10. pawslovediabetes · November 25, 2012

    I don’t have health insurance, so I get MOST of my supplies online. (believe it or not) has some GREAT prices and a lot of their “sellers” make it easy to use prescriptions through them too! Test strips are the most expensive thing for me and through Amazon I usually pay LESS than half of the normal retail price. It’s not so bad once you get your timing right so you don’t run out before the next supply comes in! Good Luck, you can do it!


  11. Nicole P · December 1, 2012

    I started reading this post when you first wrote it – and couldn’t make it all the way through. I hate how diabetes can make me sometimes – and this situation sounded so familiar and my heart was just aching for BOTH of you. I finally finished reading it. I have to say, you were marvelous in handling it. And sending love and good thoughts your and B’s way! xo


  12. shannon · December 2, 2012

    “Nice job on wasting your life trying to name restaurants. You don’t even know any good restaurants”

    is this an actual quote? because it cracked me the eff up. i could really see my kid saying it to me, in which case it wouldn’t be funny at all to me. but someone else’s kid? funny as eff. i really want to say the eff word, obvs.

    anyway yeah, effed up that he had to wait so long and then not even get to feel better ugh.


    • Katy · December 2, 2012

      Would L EVER be that rude? I do not believe it.


      • shannon · December 2, 2012

        AYFKM?? homegirl would DEFINITELY be that rude (to me only), and ESPECIALLY if she was high or low. it’s a teenager thing. i think. i hope.


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