I tried to make this as zippy as a Dex7+ screen for you.

Same problem again. Not change site soon enough. Medium high/normal/high-ish all school day. After school change site.

Before dinner 370. Correction via syringe. Kick self not change site before agree Choco Taco (31g CHO) after school snack. (Too busy pat self on back for idea eat tantalizing dessert earlier in day as step toward better midnight.)

How do you feel? Fine. I’m fine.

GOBBLEDYGOOK: 60 minutes pp: 270. Too fast? Optimal speed? ISF 1:80. Dinner = 25g CHO. Correction 3u + dinner 1.5u (@ 1:15—not v precise bc syringe.) Difficult gauge lad physiology bc new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book arrive, just flop/read.

Maybe not worry speed, simple gratitude BG< 370. Maybe beer. Maybe herbal tea. Maybe cocoa. Maybe half cocoa, half coffee.

I am doing my best.

Meanwhile, Bigfoot reunite w LogFrog bc need help adjust doses + wish good impression new endo + LogFrog email reports so, so tidy. LogFrog app improve? Easier use. Nice. Recommend for any family dongle problem.

High BG lethargic or Greg Heffley lethargic?

Graph in picture, above, not so helpful except for make parent glum, but non-graph email report very easy for doctor/anyone read.

Yesterday Jerry the Bear video take Bigfoot breath away. For brief time. Not sure recommend watch video. Not good for tender heart.

Video first time out loud why so hard teach child importance health care: the ramifications don’t happen until later in life; it’s not something you can rationalize to a child, it’s really abstract and it’s scary…Realize Bigfoot never/rarely admit self future maybe health problem, always think day-to-day how feel, no pass out hypo, able concentrate school, carry Skittles pack, wash hands, micro micro micro. Jerry the Bear totally macro.



  1. Lisa · November 15, 2012

    The big drop always terrifies me. Yesterday my daughter was 282 @ 11 am, by 12:30 (lunch) 96. I wonder how it feels to drop that far so fast. My daughter (9 y.o) just shrugs when I ask. It can’t be pleasant…


    • Katy · November 15, 2012

      And how does it know when to stop dropping? Because it always seems to stop perfectly right around 90. Just kidding!


  2. Pam · November 16, 2012

    Hmm…but micromicromicro is the only way to get macro results, so you’re doing the right thing. Worrying too much about the macro wastes energy better spent on tweaking basal rates as far as I’m concerned.
    And frankly, Jerry Bear scares me differently. The idea of people in bear suits showing up on my front lawn with yet another creature whose diabetes has to be managed is terrifying.


  3. laura · November 16, 2012

    My girls 50% of the time “fine” and the other 50% of the time can feel the drop.
    Macro too scary for me. Pam has it – both about micro and bears on the lawn. But really, how cute are those two in the video?! They tugged at my heartstrings at the end.


  4. Liz · November 17, 2012

    Emma says dropping sometimes feels like she is low, especially when she drops quickly…btw which is totally normal. I say as long as the numbers are going down, and 270 is still a “safe” number, I just keep a close eye with glucose tabs in hand to be ready. Also tricky if she is dropping and feels low, she feels hungry. So even though she ate recently, and even though we are fighting these numbers, she eats some crackers and we bolus (yikes!), sometimes a half dose. It is really all such a game, but I agree that focusing on the here and now is the only way to manage it.


  5. shannon · December 2, 2012

    i love how your two drop graph images are like overlays. you’re an artist. i am sincere.

    thanks for the jerry bear video. i remember those guys from FFL yeah? RI pride! i agree with the bit you excerpted about micro v. macro. sigh.


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