Good Things III

Actual comments: “this is so good” and “you are the best mother in the world.” 1T Soy Vay = 6g CHO; 1/2 tsp. clings to each rib?

Hands-Free Ribs

Bigfoot not into meat. Bubs love meat. Bigfoot wish make no-carb thing Bubs enjoy. Therefore today make ribs. Ribs of pig. But not touch!


  • Slip ribs out of butcher wrap onto cookie cooling rack on top of rimmed sheet pan
  • Drizzle with Soy Vay
  • Cover with foil
  • Put in a slow oven (300 degrees) for however long, at least two hours
  • Drizzle with more Soy Vay, turn on the broiler, broil until the top looks dark and bubbly
  • Cover with foil again and hold in a slow oven until the cavemen are ready to eat
  • Make someone else cut/pull the ribs apart
  • Soak pan, leave for someone else

Recommend this vegan option alongside. (<–not low carb. Child not willing try. Bigfoot like regardless.)

DIY Pushpops

This fun product Bigfoot smart friend recommend for make silly low carb ephemera! (1/2 OJ, 1/2 whipped cream from can; sugar free pudding; could do applesauce; could layer frozen berries/whipped cream…) Smart friend warn caps not secure for frozen green smoothie in lunch box. Huge mess. That OK, enough fun just home use.

Also easy clean.

Also fun for child.


World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange names/addresses arrive today. First time participate. Excited. Love mail. World Diabetes Day November 14th. Soon. Buy stamps now.

Homeland-Based Depression

This weekend, feel kind of depressed. Worried spiral into deep funk hole. Then realize not true depression. Sad because finish season one Homeland. Double sad: sad because Claire Danes in depression portion of bipolar disorder when leave her + sad because now not know what look forward to for 3AM entertainment keep self awake. Blessing in disguise: sleep 10+ hours two nights in row. Thank you Showtime, not yet make season two available iTunes. Thank you BSpouse got Bigfoot back.



  1. g · November 13, 2012

    How can i ever not read these! 😉 and why does your food always look better than mine! 🙂 i just put carrot sticks and snap peas in c’s lunchbox but yours LOOK so much yummier! and i’m not a rib eater, but B is making me crave those!!!


    • Katy · November 13, 2012

      Camera+ makes every vegetable look nicer.


  2. Julia · November 13, 2012

    Look at Bubs digging into those ribs with such relish. Forget the vegan option, I’ll bet you will be making those for him again. And no carbs in meat so it’s great he’s a meat eater. Like the fact that you can use tongs instead of handling the meat too. Love butternut squash, DD won’t touch it. Really like the silicone popsicle tip…. going to get those.


    • Katy · November 13, 2012

      Make the butternut squash salad! I ate the rest cold for lunch today. It was just as good cold, IMOH.


  3. laura · November 13, 2012

    Are those cloth napkins? I think you are indeed the best mother in the world!


    • Katy · November 13, 2012

      If that’s what it takes, I am the best.


  4. pawslovediabetes · November 14, 2012

    Ugh, Homeland gets so much more complicated for her character… I too agonize about it! 🙂


  5. shannon · December 2, 2012

    your posts make me smile and it makes me sad that i don’t read them in real time. happysad but mostly happy.


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