Oh, You Shouldn’t Have!

Dotted lines illustrate this dessert’s original gigantic size

One thing Bigfoot re-learn this evening California Pizza Kitchen: if ye read chain restaurant nutrition information, ye shall lose ye appetite. Even salad 1000+ calorie! That how Bigfoot wind up order side dish broccoli + Diet (ugh) Pepsi dinner. Bubs order children’s meal crunchy chicken, Diet (ugh) Pepsi, broccoli, brownie.

How many ways can you parse “brownie”?

Corporate HQ nutrition info list approx 30g CHO chicken, 0g CHO drink, 67g CHO brownie.

Perhaps because request slice of bread before meal arrive (because combo bolus 50%-50% 1 hour/100g CHO upon sit table, not realize how S-L-O-W kitchen might be) + parent order tiny parsimonious meal for self/voracious eat Bubs’s broccoli remainders, waitress think Bubs/Bigfoot starving, impoverished? That maybe why waitress heap softball-size scoop ice cream on top Bubs’s child menu brownie. Kind, generous gesture.

Bigfoot look directly this gift horse mouth. Excuse me, this brownie with ice cream? I’m looking at the nutrition information for the children’s menu brownie? Does it always come with ice cream or is that something special you added on?


BIGFOOT: I mean, thank you. I’m just trying to figure out if the nutrition information from the corporate headquarters is for a brownie or for a brownie with ice cream. I mean it just says “brownie” but maybe that is shorthand for “brownie sundae”…?

WAITRESS: I think it could be either way

BIGFOOT: Do you know if it’s standard for the kids’ brownie to have ice cream on it?

WAITRESS: I just thought he would like ice cream

BIGFOOT: He does! He loves it!

California Pizza Kitchen corporate nutrition data sheet child brownie list 67g CHO. Because so experience measure ice cream portion, confident softball-size scoop (elsewhere menu boast Haagen Dasz) alone probably 67g CHO or more. And brownie = size at least 6 Oreo. Ergo ice cream not corporate standard. Confident this assessment.

And yet. Feel wishy-washy. For halfway safety hypo/other half safety for hyper, bolus additional 30g CHO. Not proud this lukewarm response, like try scare away mugger by piss in pants when actually ought run away OR kick in nuts, but too hard decide which course lead maximum success.




  1. Bonni · November 11, 2012

    You kill me! Worst morning in a long time. Lots of tears. But I laugh out loud when i sit down to pay bills and sneak a peak at what you’re up to. Also, I never know what acronymns stand for, except for yours!


    • Katy · November 11, 2012

      I’m sorry you’re having a bad morning. I went to see why. I think it could be because you’re not posting enough. Thanks for being w. me!


  2. g · November 11, 2012

    AYFKM best acronym yet!!! why she could not tell the truth…i wonder if she though you one of those company spies that comes to see how they are doing!!!


  3. Robin Jingjit · November 12, 2012

    I read this last night and had to go out for icecream afterward. No brownie, but it was still good.

    It seems so unfair that you have to be so exact. In practically everything else in our lives, we can err on the side of caution, but with diabetes you can’t. Too much is bad, too little is bad. Too high is bad, too low is bad. Sorry, this isn’t very encouraging. But i am just saying that you shouldn’t get down on yourself if you can’t figure it just right every time because nobody figures anything just right every time.


    • Katy · November 12, 2012

      thanks. you are right. too much, too little.


  4. Christine · November 12, 2012

    I just think eating out sucks no matter how you slice it (which, BTW doesn’t stop us from doing it at least once a week). If TJ is low after the meal, he is also destined to be high hours later. The combo bonus does help, but it doesn’t come close to good. Sometimes we find it easier to correct later, but then that leaves you getting up all night. Really makes you realize how amazing the pancreas is, and how much total crap our bodies process! And, you are the only other person I know who listens to the moth. My favorite!


    • Katy · November 12, 2012

      I have been trying to imagine carbs hiding behind (within?) fat, waiting to come out later. Maybe this process exists as an infographic somewhere. How do the carbs do that? And how do the pizza carbs reveal themselves TWICE? (i.e. fairly immediately and then again a few hours later.)

      I agree–>the pancreas=A+ for Amazing.


  5. shannon · December 2, 2012

    did you like see a live taping of the moth?? best mother-son date activity ever! your reenactment of the waitress exchange was hilarious and awkward. hilariawkward.


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