Welcome Wagon

Welcome to our club! Here are some miniscule cookies with numerical information.

Whoomp. Bigfoot tiny adorable neighbor diagnosed yesterday. Tiny A. Neighbor father know Bubs’s T1 situation. Call Bigfoot.

Try not say too much but probably blurt way way way too much. Try focus on “Wow! That’s great that you caught it so early.” Hope remember say, “I’m sorry this is happening, but everything will be okay.”

T.A. Neighbor Sr. say I guess I really just have one question: how is this going to change our lives?

So sorry blurt. Remember saying, “You’ll just have a little backpack of equipment–a small one–that you bring along wherever you go. Just like how you bring a diaper bag;” but then also say things about ratios, math, weighing food, way too much detail, cringe to remember mention change dose if run around a lot vs. sit still vs. excited vs. sniffle vs. flu, deep thoughts on Joslin vs. private practice endo vs. Coro endo, blurt blurt blurt. Fortunately, Bigfoot not see sad news story until after phone call. Probably blurt that too.

Tiny Adorable Neighbor fine. Not need stay in hospital. Maybe not even need insulin? That ever happen if catch so, so early? Honeymoon–> Supermoon?

After school, Bubs deliver tiny jar tiny chocolate chip cookies did you make sure to mark these with the carbs? to T.A.N. doorstep. Maybe not A+ gift idea for occasion. Tomorrow Leighanne’s book scheduled arrival Amazon. Bigfoot plan read, absorb, share.


A roasted chicken

Extra Dessert Delights chocolate chip mint ice cream sugarless gum

Macrame medical alert ID bracelet

Case of mini-Diet Coke

Flannel pajamas





  1. Robin Jingjit · November 8, 2012

    That’s so nice that you have them a gift. Don’t worry about the blurting. You know, they would be overwhelmed anyway. At least now they are overwhelmed but know they have a kind, knowledgable friend to ask for help.


  2. EileenD · November 8, 2012

    So nice of you. I love anyone who writes carb info on the food. Another gift idea- those insulin bottlle cozies. Cheap but so useful if dropped. Such a sad story on that guy. hate stories like that but I know they are out there. p.s. love my new llbean flannel pjs. Thanks for tip on size


  3. EileenD · November 8, 2012

    oops and bottlle= bottle


  4. earthling · November 8, 2012

    Earthling hate how BIG pump look on little tiny person. Make cry. Noooo. Not like. All diabetes thing look too big. Think neighbor lucky have BF next door. Already wrestle many D trouble ground. So sorry. Think tiny D girl trigger Bubs ompassion? This good? D suck. Not like earth-school of soul if this. Not know.

    Gift neighbor? Maybe gift certificate babysit when insulin settle, give exhaust parents rest? Maybe Bubs > Dream Varsity Babysitter one day.


  5. krisfitz · November 19, 2012

    That’s a bummer. Just had a month like that here, with two acquaintances getting T1 diagnoses in their families, and the brother of our preschool teacher getting T2. Welcome Wagon – no doubt! Sounds like you said the right things. 🙂


  6. shannon · December 2, 2012

    the perfect gift involves letting someone know they are not alone. also, the speech bubbles on possible sad bears on the outside of homemade cookies with carbs.


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