Good Things

It’s in there somewhere

Snorkeling w Pump

Wetsuit give impression complete competence. So tight, hold pump against belly. But once begin move around, user may find pump work way into crotch. Quite uncomfortable. Eventually work down leg, rest below knee. Comfortable.

Snorkeling tip: begin with pump below knee. May also useful surfing.


Spikeless Granola

Weigh 50g granola. Bolus for granola CHO + 5g CHO for associated milk. Watch Minecraft videos 25-30 min. Pour milk on granola. Eat. Residual milk–> perfect for distract emotionally disturb dog when UPS man arrive.

Spikeless granola tip: this plan work 2 day in row. 80ish pre, 115ish 2h post. Solid.

Until tonight, my loves.


Appropriate Caregiver Nightwear

Parent up a lot night/cold house require warm pajamas. Before diabetes, winter slumber Bigfoot rely on flimsy nighties, extra blanket. Last winter (i.e. 1st winter w D) unable purchase real  pajamas: matching flannel top/bottom. What wrong with world today? Standard pajamas now=flannel bottoms, T-shirt/henley top. This style confuse Bigfoot. Bra? No bra so immodest. L.L. Bean flannel pajamas perfect. Also pour homme.

L.L. Bean flannel pajamas fashion tip: pajamas huge. Order smaller size. Not shrink in washer/dryer.

Insulin pump in crotch of wetsuit pose



  1. shannon · October 18, 2012

    SOLID, indeed. that’s like freaking magic!

    pump crotch made me think of my wayward days of smuggling cameras into concerts. where else would one hide such a thing but one’s crotch? duh. unfortch, camera not connected to body by tubing, sometimes fall down to ankle. not so stealthy then.

    those flannel pajamas look dreamy. (see what i did there)


  2. Sara · October 18, 2012

    Now imagine being a girl wearing a dress and a pump. Wetsuit = Spanx. Pump has journeyed to some interesting locations.


    • Katy · October 18, 2012


      Also: *before* the pump migrated to the more interesting locations, that must have HURT like the DICKENS


  3. Robin Jingjit · October 18, 2012

    My mom once bought me 2XL pajamas as a christmas gift when I was in about middle school. They had an elastic waist that wouldn’t even stay up. I always wondered if she was trying to give me a hint or what….


  4. Julia · October 18, 2012

    You are hilarious. Poor Bubs, must have hurt. What a beautiful beach; wish I were there. So nice that Bubs takes full advantage of water sports. After the pump migrated, I’ll bet he had a blast.


  5. Reyna · October 19, 2012

    NICE on the granola!!!! And….ouch…on the migration south!


  6. Nicolep · October 22, 2012

    So um, I had on a jumpsuit/onesie to work on a welding project I was doing and the pump had been tucked safely in my underwear. It fell out in the midst of a weld. And landed up hanging out the leg of the suit. Before I was able to stop welding and get things back in place, someone saw it bopping against my boot and asked “what is that?” I answered, “oh that? it’s my pancreas.” I was pretty proud of my wit. I have looked like Bubs look in that photo on more than one occasion. 😛


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