Small Effort for Hot Mess

Dump it.

Zakary inspire Bigfoot self-improvement. Champion homemaker conquer specific hot mess for thirty-one straight days. Every day Bigfoot witness achievement—make continue exist seem manageable.

I put these treasures into my giant purse, which I will clear out another day.

Therefore dump out diabetes creel, find all kinds crap: used test strip galore (of course), boiled wool phone case, loose Mento, deck cards, Wet Ones wrapper, Rootbeer Float Extra Dessert Delights chewing gum (reviled flavor), burrito stump.

This family is over-doing it on kachunkers, glucagon, hand wipes, lithium batteries, and lip balm

Next dump containers within container. Find more useless item: THREE glucagon, stack of Uni-solve adhesive dissolving pad, expired control solution, $80 in lithium battery…So much room for streamline, very pleasant eviscerate. Think one good thing add, but not add yet: twenty dollar bill for emergency. Could put in baggie, place on creel floor.

Now this everyday thing much nicer use. Smart/practical not lug excessive junk all over town. Also easier find needed item, obvsly.

Meanwhile, Bubs 89 before bed, but usually bedtime BG begin rise so no snack. 11PM, 111. Right on, Maude. Bigfoot call it a night. Then accidentally wake up 3AM. Check BG just for heck of. Bubs wake up little bit, hear Bigfoot crinkle-slosh through Lego on floor. No! No new site. (It’s okay, I just need a finger): 71. CGM in imagination show one arrow diagonal down. Program temp basal -50% x 90 min.

Hmmph. Seem unfair check BG on whim, now required follow through make sure BG go up. Any way justify slink back sleep, trust liver/organic glucagon mechanism work, pretend never happen? Probably right thing is wake Bubs up enough drink juice but also think dawn phenomenon gearing up.

The writing on this photo makes it look less tidy than it is. Trust me—it’s like clean water flowing over smooth river stones


12 responses to “Small Effort for Hot Mess

  1. Crinkle-slosh is my new favorite parenting-related word. Is there a word for stepping barefooted on one lone Lego/plastic dino/army guy during the night?


  2. “No! No new site” <— 😦
    *sigh* I have a new industrial sized spray bottle and a gallon of vinegar sitting in my kitchen as we speak. After I cleaned my fridge with it, a la Zdub, there is no going back. As bad an influence she is, I opened the fridge no less than 20 times that night to gaze at its vinegantastic splendor.


  3. Well done, I’m seriously impressed!

    I found a burrito stump in my console, I cleaned the residue up with vinegar, true story.


  4. burrito. stump.



    in other news, that is one badass organized creel!


  5. Sara

    Disclosure: Sometimes I wait a day or two before I click on your posts in my Google Reader. I like to wait for the comments, which are almost as good as the posts!


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