Graham Cracker Talk

What we talk about when we talk about graham crackers

Bedtime Bubs call from shower I feel low.

Bigfoot spouse investigate: 70. Because so many times stung Bigfoot criticism for over-treat low, so gingerly ask He’s 70. What kind of snack do you think I should give him?

For Bigfoot mind, answer so clear: one half graham cracker w. PB + one glug milk. 10g CHO, some fat/protein. But Bigfoot not want stand up make snack. Instead maintain prone position, try describe half of a graham cracker with peanut butter. (Half of a square?) No, half of one of the whole big rectangles, but broken in half again so you can make a sandwich. So it will be a skinny little rectangle sandwich. (Don’t worry I know what you mean it’s just these graham crackers are already in halves.) Tiresome. Graham cracker so useful item diabetes pantry, but lexicon for graham cracker size too complex.

Bubs not hungry, very eager get in bed. Can’t I just go to sleep?


Secret of life is enjoying the passage of time and enjoying some standardized graham cracker talk.

Trudge downstairs, eat little snack, trudge up. Mama, may you please tuck me in? Bigfoot oblige. Blanket duvet tangle mess. For new chilly weather Bubs enjoy Eskimo Phur Footsac but always difficult choose lie on top/under. Bigfoot Bubs rummage around blankets get Eskimo Phur under, smooth egregious wrinkles, then foot pocket facing wrong way, then finally settled. Duvet on top. Stuffed animals patted goodnight Bigfoot only. Hugs.

BIGFOOT: You look so cozy. I bet it’s fun to be you

BUBS: I guess

BIGFOOT: Everything about you is just so neat. I wish I had a bed like this

BUBS: It’s not that great to be me

BIGFOOT: It’s not?

BUBS: You know. Diabetes. It’s a daily drudgery

BF: ???

BUBS: It’s just a drudgery. A continuous drudgery. A trial

BF: I’m sorry it’s a drudgery and a trial

BUBS: But maybe one day I can try saltines!

Meanwhile, BG 70 bedtime w IOB pretty bad, maybe need larger snack, but Bubs dessert eat Jack’s weird pumpkin truffle things–so sugary, fatty, rich; probably delayed-release carbs because so, so, so over-the-top fatty. Expert D-patients discuss combo wave bolus for pizza, Bigfoot think probably same phenomenon truffle. Hope so. Not want see Snack Part II: 11PM. Because if truffle carbs delayed release, wouldn’t be high already and again high later–would be high…later only. No?

This is what I mean by a whole cracker, even though lately our graham crackers arrive pre-formatted in halves.

All day Bubs reading Roz Chast’s Theories of Everything. This must be where trial/drudgery coming from. Bubs breathless read one cartoon out loud re adult Happy Meals with cigarettes, gin/Metamucil, bran muffin/some other unique, repulsive adult combo. All begin “small hamburger.” Pretty much whole day huge barrel of laughs until sub-par bedtime BG & anxious graham cracker size misunderstand.

Little more anxious: tomorrow No D-Day. Existence this day force Bigfoot confront fact over 85% brain filled diabetes. If necessary, could converse few other topics: running/foot injuries, Smartwool socks, Bundt cakes.



  1. mikerennick · September 30, 2012

    Tell Bubs I feel his pain. This weekend, I think, marks the time I head from D 1.5 to D 1.0. I can’t get normal readings even with Lantus and next-to-no food.

    But also tell Bubs that this makes him stronger than most.

    I LOVE that article you posted on not expecting to “have it all,” but to instead be happy to “have enough.” Both Bubs and I have enough. He’ll see that someday. 🙂


  2. Robin Jingjit · October 1, 2012

    Excellent graham cracker drawings… you could rival Amber at her crappy parenting pictures blog. I am 100% sure you know it, because it’s hilarious and awesome, but just in case you somehow missed it, check it out.


    • Katy · October 1, 2012

      I don’t know it! I will read it. Thanks.


  3. cbwinchild · October 1, 2012

    i love that kid. AND YOU!

    i always get confused reading the graham cracker box, trying to determine what is considered “1 cracker.” The ones I just bought call them sheets. Bliss!


  4. Julia · October 1, 2012

    Your blog always gives me a chuckle. Bubs is being honest, as children are. And it IS a drudgery. Have to find ways to make it less onerous on Bubs. That will come in time. Checking his own BGs, using his pump himself, managing IOB himself (we don’t do this, but I know an adult Type 1 who eats 3 meals and 3 small, little snacks (to cover IOB most likely) two hours after eating… We always check and asses 2 hours postprandial. The adult Type 1 has experience enough to eat, take a small snack without checking 2 hours after. Going to the school nurse each lunch period….. it’s a huge drag. At some point, when Bubs is older and has had D for a while, really knows what to do, getting rid of the lunch checks will allow Bubs to go about his day like other kids. P.S. I never eliminated the before and after Gym BS checks though, until end of middle school. Plus, eventually, you will have a list of both breakfasts and lunches you have a general idea are safe for Bubs (usually, but not always, not resulting in a lot of IOB to cover). Give the known breakfasts and lunches. Bubs should have cell phone in school and be allowed to text you at home for all D care. You can omit a lot of trips to the nurse there too. In time, you will figure out so many ways to make D less of a PITA for Bubs. And, sad to say, after years of this, everything becomes more routine.


    • Katy · October 1, 2012

      I love your ideas—we could move on to texting soon! I think he’s ready.


  5. shannon · October 1, 2012

    dude between the footsac and smartwool socks, you’ve brought so much into my life (unfortunate confusion between peek/peak in that smartwool copy tho). easily overlooked because CUTE SOCKS.

    also daily drudgery, heavy man.


  6. Katy · October 1, 2012

    I just wrote to Smartwool to suggest new copy for those gorgeous socks. I am in love with those socks and don’t want errors on their page.


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