Satisfactory Pancake

Jack put more than 7 chips in his pancake. I’m gonna tell mom.

Bigfoot improve pancake strategy. Happy new version because include whole egg per person, total w/o syrup 30.5g CHO. Bonus: easy flip for novice chef, even if thrilling 10″ diameter.

For one pancake, whisk together:

It is a very absorbent pancake. I weighed the syrup residue left on the plate. There was none. Apologies for the anachronistic photo effects. I got carried away.

1 egg (0g CHO)

40g Arrowhead Mills Buttermilk Pancake Mix (27g CHO)

1/4c-ish unsweetened almond milk (0.5g CHO)

Melt butter in a skillet and pour in the batter. (0g CHO)

Drop 7 Guittard white chocolate chips on the uncooked pancake before flipping. (3g CHO)

Serve with 30g maple syrup. (21g CHO) <—that probably too much for normal family. Kind friend gift Bubs jug Sugar Free Butter Flavor Hungry Jack Pancake Syrup Microwavable with Splenda, Bubs not able eat. Decide stick w/ syrup from tree.

This as close family get Bigfoot dream Bubs eat egg breakfast.

Raise roof: before breakfast BG 79, 2h pp 89.



  1. shannon · October 1, 2012


    if i may also interject:



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