current dinner method

Step One

The table is set with carb notes re the things that might possibly be consumed, and the meal starts with a bolus for something between the greatest possible and the least possible amount that will be eaten to a degree of about 85% certainty with a preference for under-bolusing and then bolusing more over over-bolusing and having to add Skittles.

Step Two

The meter and a scale are set beside B due to some kind of vague belief in instilling a sense of empowerment but migrate over to the parents, usually before the first bite.

Step Three

Insulin on board. Sit down. Is your napkin on your lap, even barely? Eat. Pat dog. Eat. Drink water. Ask about potential dessert. Eat. Absorb another bolus PRN

Step Four

By the end, the notes make sense to only one woman, and ice cream is gone. BG before dinner: 96. 2 hours pp: 88. Worked that time.



  1. shannon · September 13, 2012

    love it! we do this too! also, is that GRAETERS ICE CREAM? you have that where you live?? i thought it was a locals only kinda thing here! :O


  2. Katy · September 13, 2012

    Our Whole Foods had it briefly, with a big “buy one, get one free” push right by the cash register. They must be testing us to see if we’re worthy of this product. Wow. I love Ohio’s giant chocolate swirls! I will not be buying it again, as my policy is to only buy desserts I hate.


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