Diet Co-whoa-ke

Surprise new soda machine Five Guys. Bigfoot so impress. Touch screen. So many soda option, diet/regular/caffeine free/diet caffeine free. Mello Yello. Mr. Pibb. Peach Fanta. So obscure. What this miracle? Other patron decant beverage as if this machine normal part of life.

Bigfoot choose Diet Coke Raspberry. Bubs choose Caffeine Free Diet Coke Normal.

Realize this not health food, but how lovely. Very good choice if need soda-based field trip for diabetic person.


18 responses to “Diet Co-whoa-ke

  1. Krissy

    I love love love those machines! Personally I go for diet vanilla root beer! I wish all places had this glorious invention! 🙂


  2. Lise White

    Funny that the first time I’m commenting on a post since I found you last month is not to write you the love letter I’ve been composing in my head, but to nod in vigorous agreement about this amazing soda machine. My son (7, diagnosed 12/13/11) likes diet cherry sprite.


  3. my daughter will go to an eatery that has nothing she will eat just for this glorious invention. I think she chose diet orange coke.


  4. Diaun

    We recently travelled and stopped at a Five Guys. I also was impressed at the options my little guy was able to have and he loved the machine! We do need more of these miraculous glorious inventions spread around!


    • just a warning: the five guys that is closest to our home has an old-school multi-nozzle soda machine—only the *very finest* five guys franchises have the glorious invention!


  5. gogogone

    They’re pretty awesome..that’s a fact. I find myself going to BK(& I’m not even a fan of BK)
    simply because they are the only one’s who have said machine.(which,of course,leads to eating BK food since I need something to go with the drink)


  6. This has to be the greatest invention for a t1 kid! It IS a soda field trip. So many diet soda options. Here’s what I’ve been meaning to look up, but maybe you can clear it up…are the flavors (raspberry, cherry etc.) sugar-free syrups if they are in a diet soda option? My son (9years old, diagnosed 1/2010) insists this MUST be true!


    • I had convinced myself the flavors were all zero carb, and just the coke or diet coke bases varied in sugar content. But you know, I can’t find anything about the carbs in raspberry diet coke after over *TEN* minutes of googling!

      I’m sure they MUST BE. Right? Right? Right?


      • Lori

        Too funny! My daughter and I took a “field trip” yesterday after school to get a lime fanta zero….and then I came home and saw your post! She hasn’t had a problem with her bg after using the machine so zero carb it must be….hooray for diabetes-friendly field trips!


  7. oh yes, they have one of these at firehouse subs and L loooooves it. she usually gets diet fanta. it’s an amazing invention and i think all restaurants should have them!!


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