Why High

Tonight: Why High?

Bigfoot try list all possible cause (and solution) in one convenient location For self! Obvsly not medical advice—Bigfoot usually wrong.

Thank you for leaving this out where I can poke it.

Technical difficulty:

Bubbly insulin (make new cartridge) ROUND TWO: did that

Hot insulin (toss current room-temperature vial, fill new cartridge with freshie) ROUND FOUR: did that

Cannula kink (new kachunk) ROUND TWO: did that

Sweet finger (wipe finger) <—did that

Flashback recent past:

Pizza dinner (more insulin) <—did that ROUND TWO: more ROUND THREE: more

Repercussions b/c unplugged while at beach (more insulin) <—did that ROUND TWO: more

Big picture:

Growth spurt (more insulin) <—did that ROUND TWO: more ROUND THREE: more

Looming illness ( ? )<—?  ROUND THREE: think about

Mystery (think/obsess) <—did that/doing now ROUND TWO: more ROUND THREE: more ROUND FOUR: more

Punishment for mother talk smack about perfectly fine person (repent) <—did that

Moral of story:

Just change everything all at once instead of trying to pinpoint the problem.


Embrace the mystery.



  1. Krissy McMomma · September 2, 2012

    I battled a high for 5 hours today…then I spent the next 3 battling a low. I am tired of battling. Tomorrow is a new day…tomorrow is a new day…


    • Katy · September 2, 2012

      I put a bunch of vegetables beside the sink for dinner. I’ll make something tomorrow. Good luck to us all.


      • Katy · September 2, 2012

        that means: whoa. i am tired.


  2. drjmeade · September 2, 2012

    I don’t know what to say except – THAT DAY REALLY SUCKED!!! I hope it is better today and that you are not battling a consequential low.


  3. Katy · September 2, 2012

    Thanks, Dr. J. How did you know? At least he got to go to Orange Leaf.


  4. bonni · September 2, 2012

    What made you check for ketones? (I recall cde saying two consecutive before meal bg checks of over 300. After reading this and your facebook post and comments that overwhelmed me, I’m going to get the blood ketone checker.


    • Katy · September 3, 2012

      We check whenever he is over 250. Theoretically. That is our instruction.

      In real life we only check if he’s over 250 and doesn’t cruise right down after a correction. There’s never even been a “trace” of ketones. We couldn’t believe our eyes when the pee strip actually changed color.

      The good thing (in addition to it being more accurate) about the blood ketone meter will be not having to wake them up to pee. (But I guess the accuracy thing is more important, especially if you’re dealing with the large ones.)


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