Paleo Crumpet

I love it! Here, please, have a bite! Errr–no. Thanks.

Friend make Bubs special bun. Recipe title “One Minute Muffin,” but it not muffin. Unless English muffin is intent. This more like crumpet. Paleo crumpet.

One net g carb.

This is the actual thing, split and toasted and buttered. This is not trick photography.

For Bigfoot, Paleo bread not very appetizing because mostly egg. Smell little funny. Bigfoot not able bring self taste. Approach trepidation, exactly opposite child development expert recommend for encourage child try new food. Mrs. Dreamboat made you a special kind of bun! That get Bubs curious. Slice, toast. After toast–look just like Wolferman’s English muffin. Butter. Raspberry jam.

Butter = 0g CHO/1T Jam = 8g CHO.

Six hours later, we pulled the other half out of the bottom of the beach bag

Warning this bun: v. filling. Bubs + full-size adult friend try, not able eat entire bun one meal. Pre-bolus plan for half. (4g for 1/2 T raspberry jam, 1/2g for 1/2 bun. 4.5g CHO—exciting!) Bubs pack other half, take to beach, gobble up even though squashed/ugly. Think so delicious. Bigfoot skeptical because it basically scrambled egg disguised as bun. Maybe gather courage, taste one day.

For recipe, including chocolate cake variation (hurl?), follow link. (Same as above.)


19 responses to “Paleo Crumpet

  1. Bubs really liked it? I want to try it. I have not almond flour recipe – still in the search for a high protein bread/muffin thingy that would satisfy the need fo a muffin and other not-go-for-me things. Maybe I will try it and add a few raisons.


  2. julia

    Doubt I could get her to eat this… so fussy… if it’s a new food, won’t even try. She likes scrambled eggs, though. Great recipe; great idea; for kids who don’t eat eggs, great way to disguise. I’m going to try her on it; if she doesn’t eat it, I will. Try one and report… Does it taste like bread? Or egg? Eggy bread?


  3. I still haven’t tasted one myself, and don’t really plan to. It’s enough that my guy will eat it.


  4. in a completely self-absorbed moment, CBW realizes SHE COULD EAT THESE, that friend: what a DREAM BOAT.


  5. ZW

    1. We do not have a microwave. I sold it on craigslist in an effort to not melt cheese on things and eat all the things.

    2. Puffins make Zoe low every time she eats them for breakfast.


  6. g

    did you HEAR…Mrs. Dreamboat BURNT THE NACHOS tonight for dinner! (this may have been due to husband canceling Brick Alley Nacho trip and subliminal?) this post made the night not seem so bad! thank you!


  7. Wow! That looks incredibly good! I’m going to have to try this one!


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  9. Fantastic post however , I was wondering if you could write
    a litte more on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further.


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