Sunday Bagel

Bagel g CHO = 1/2 (total weight in g)

Before diabetes times, everyone already know bagel pretty vile choice. Word on street one bagel is like four english muffins! Or it’s like eating a whole loaf of bread. Or you’d be better off having three doughnuts! Despite warning, Bigfoot continue consume bagel.

Main source trouble = bagel too big. Options: buy small bagel (but will be more like yucky soft bun), make small bagel (but not good choice in hurry) or make bakery bagel small w/goal eliminate as much bagel as can while leave behind delicious crust. (WPP.)


We don’t need the middles.

This instance, Bigfoot achieve half-size bagel by slice into three, throw center slice in sink. Then gut bagel, as popularized by California MILFs 1990’s. Toss guts in sink. Half its size! Exemplary.

The sockeye: zero. The capers: 1 per tablespoon. The cream cheese: 2 per schmear.

Did you see this headline and think OH NO! DIABETES IS GOING TO BE BLAMED FOR AUTISM. But it isn’t even mentioned! (Celiac disease and insulin resistance are, hwvr.) The takeaway is this: pregnant ladies–and everyone else–might as well take probiotics.



  1. Jen S · August 26, 2012

    Brilliant! Been trying to figure the large bagel bolus for my 13 yo daughter


    • Katy · August 26, 2012

      My large bagels may be larger than your large bagels! Or smaller. But ours could probably be sliced into 4 thin slices. They’re ginormous.


      • Jen S · August 26, 2012

        I think 3 parts will work for the Dunkin Donuts bagel. Would so rather bolus for a little extra cream cheese than all that bread. The oreo cookie method for carb counting sweets is working very well for us too! Thank you


  2. laura · August 26, 2012

    I’m a bagel excavatgor also. And cool helpful tip 4…me!


    • Katy · August 26, 2012

      Baguettes are also 1/2 weight in grams = grams CHO. Or that’s my system. Bagels ought to be more, because they contain actual sugar. I guess it’s a tiny amount.


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