The final carb binge, in which we stop for bagels on the way to pick up Bubs at camp

Bubs home. How camp?

  • All of the kids sweared a lot
  • A big kid called me a vagina
  • I didn’t take a shower all week
  • I only changed my underwear once
  • They MADE you eat
  • The pond was disgusting! It had lily pads in it
  • It was pretty fun I guess
  • We built a fort with sleeping bags! It was awesome
  • For snack today we had worms in dirt
  • I think I want to be a cartoonist with a ponytail

Bigfoot notice camp lower basal rates, numbers in range, think yucky camp food + homesick + excitement = positive metabolic. Even when run around beach all day (i.e. w/family), still high overnight w 0.95u/hour. Camp 0.65u/hour, not high. Now home, still set 0.65u/hour overnight—>high. Comfort of home = insulin resistant cells? Comfort of home = liver feel confident, relax, release more sugar? Also could be chocolate milkshake w. dinner.

Here we see him telling Joe, “A big kid called me _______________ and I didn’t take a shower all week!”

A dramatic running hug. It ended in a classic lift n twirl. The backback is full of swag–including a lovely new VerioIQ meter.

Right after camp, head directly Charlestown, visit cousins’ beach house. Body surfing Narragansett Town Beach, dinner Crazy Burger. When ask how camp, Bubs tell Great Uncle, “Everyone sweared a lot.” Bigfoot Uncle ask, “Were they dropping lots of F-bombs?” Bubs say yes, but only for polite—not sure meaning that term. “A big kid called me a vagina!” Overhear Bubs tell 2nd cousin-in-law, “Someone called me a vagina!” Bigfoot not overhear, but Bubs also share same camp memory brother, each cousin-once-removed.  All afternoon, assorted relative confess Bigfoot, Bubs told me that someone at camp called him an inappropriate term.

All week, Bigfoot enjoy camp Facebook photos. Flip through hundreds, search for glimpse child. Usually find Bubs beside West Bay Bubs. Face expression range happy happy, mild happy, mere calm. Think had fun. Think pretty happy time. Probably hear more happy memory as time pass. Probably tell worst part first.

Meanwhile, OMG. Catch breath, camp laundry, buy markers, give old tricycle young friend, edit nurse care plan, plan lunchbox Saturday/Sunday—>school Monday.



  1. Reyna · August 25, 2012

    So glad that it went well…sans the “vagina-name-calling” incident. 🙂


    • Katy · August 26, 2012

      I need to go read to see if Joe went to camp. See ya.


  2. drjmeade · August 25, 2012

    It sounds like the vagina thing was pretty exciting (of course lol) – “a big kid” ! It sounds like boy heaven – no shower, marginal change of undies, I bet teethbrushing was lost too! It sounds like he had a blast. Success! How did WBB make out?


    • Katy · August 26, 2012

      Thrilling! Scary! Big Kids!


  3. shannon · September 13, 2012



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