Eat, Play, Dose.


Today = first time leave Bubs at friend’s house, manage own insulin. Not leave Bubs w. friend since syringe era, only have friends play here. Very few parent possess magical combination of brave, willing, listen, confident. Bigfoot friend G = total package + awesome skirts.

Before leave, go over every food friend might offer for lunch/snack: fluffernutter, manadarin orange, Trader Joe’s tangy frozen yogurt, tea, milk, water, popcorn. Friend look through pantry more possible: pretzel? Falafel chip? Write abridged Calorie King for reference on index card.

104 with dog.

Review procedure w. conscientious, patient (+ beautiful) G; interrupt film starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson,  review procedure w. Bubs. Then split.

Errands: huge watermelon at farm; visit decimated Orla Kiely soap display at Target (look here–it money shot full product line); run into assorted friends/children, one buy lunchbox, one alcoholic, one school supplies, one mid-divorce, Bigfoot want tell everyone Bubs is at a friend’s house! Doing his own insulin! Only say to person w. divorce news because tantamount.

Four hours! Snack…lunch. Everything fine. 104.

Lucky rainy day, because forgot say Bubs need meter/sugar on person if ride bike/scooter/leave house. Also forgot tell hypo symptoms. Also forgot glucagon.


11 responses to “Eat, Play, Dose.

  1. awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! and that G is gorgeous.


  2. g

    G is blushing…you are too kind…you made it easy AND you should have seen him step it up…you would have been so proud and the confidence he has too! So glad…and hope there will be many more now! The boys get along so well!


    • g

      Helmet on porch. I am slow but how perfect…did you tell me or did you know the story behind ok prints! That they are based on diabetes charts!! I’m sure you knew this sorry for being slow!!!!


  3. That’s so awesome! Maybe you and G could put together a really easy to follow little booklet – then drop off and not worry about what you didn’t say? I don’t know – maybe overkill. It sounds like in the past few posts, Bubs is just stepping up more and more to advocate and take care of himself. I think it’s so adorable that with free time, you went to Target – I did the other day too – what is it about that place? I bought purple jeans, yogurt, milk, stickers.


  4. FANTASTIC first outing on own.

    tantamount! 🙂


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