Belly Site Redux (SUCCESS)

Beach camp Day 2: a genuine Inset 30 belly site is under the rash guard of the swift, green person.

First day tummy site. Holla.

Guess because new, for Bigfoot Bubs’s belly site look super creepy. Little bit stomach flip when plug/unplug seventeen times at beach camp today—something about skin thinness/visible viscera (six pack)/awareness textural difference near belly button make seem more…anatomical fleshy/bloody? Whereas on bum, site seem more like a sticker on very pale cardboard box.

Today new beach camp friend (age 7) notice something fishy/ask, Wait. What is that?

BUBS: Never mind. It’s just like a kind of a sticker

NEW FRIEND: No. I mean: what’s it for?

BUBS: I can’t really get into that right now

BIGFOOT: (extending rash guard to Bubs) Now do you want to wear this?

NFRIEND: (to Bigfoot) So, what is it?

BIGFOOT: Well, Bubs has Type 1 diabetes, and so he needs medicine, and the medicine goes through a little tube that’s stuck on with that sticker

NF: No. I mean, what’s that plastic piece you’re putting into the sticker thing?

BUBS: It’s a clip

NF: What’s the clip for?

BUBS: For swimming

BIGFOOT: (Gallantly stepping in to explain) It’s ok for him to take the medicine off to swim, but he usually clips the little tube closed to keep, I don’t know, grit from getting into it

NF: and to keep the medicine from falling out

BFOOT: I don’t think the medicine would fall out exactly, but maybe some sand might get in there

NF: It would fall out. And the sand would taste terrible. And the salt water would taste worse

BF: It would? To the stomach? The stomach could taste that?

NF: Nods solemnly. Yes

BUBS: I don’t think the stomach would taste anything, but I think I’d get a very, very, VERY bad stomach bug or flu, right Momma?

BIGFOOT: No, I don’t think so—

Bubs/NF run into waves before complete fake epidemiology course.


Earlier this day, meet new school nurse. So kind. But kick off meeting w. downer: more than double # of kids in new school as last year, still just one nurse, nurse very, very busy, probably not able provide as much attention as last year. Bigfoot heart begin sink.

Then nurse show Bigfoot spreadsheet devised for keep diabetes notes, very detailed, also each day (If it’s okay with you) at minimum test BG before snack, before recess, before lunch, before gym, and before send home for day. And also of course whenever he feels low. Five minimum! Good.

Then ask if Bigfoot want nurse administer combo bolus or dual wave 80-20/60-40 for lunch. Not sure. Bigfoot say no, because rarely use combo bolus feature, think too complicated determine when use if not see exactly what Bubs eat. Nurse explain last year T1D parent always request combo bolus for cafeteria pizza. This nurse bitchin!

Then mention Bigfoot need create emergency pack for Music, Library, Art, Gym, Technology, Fire Drill, maybe some other activity Bigfoot already forget. Sound overwhelming but then huge relief “emergency pack” only = glucose tabs in Ziploc bag.



  1. drjmeade · August 14, 2012

    Wow for a very busy school nurse it sounds like she is really on top of things. I’m always so impressed with people with good systems. (making good systems is not make strength – other people make for me, I can follow like champ). It hard not respond in Bigfoot voice.


    • Katy · August 14, 2012

      Dr. Meade, Joe’s planning to follow the system you made for the flipped classroom. So there you go.


      • drjmeade · August 16, 2012

        If he needs help, let me know. Happy to share what I know. Also – tell him to check out


  2. Heather Garcia Queen · August 14, 2012

    Katy, have you always used the inset 30? We use the regular inset and Maddy will only allow sites on her bum/high hip. Never in her belly or arm and I wondered if she’d be more willing if we used the inset 30. Is the insertion easy enough? Our endo gave us a couple to try but I have not cracked them open because she’s not willing to try yet.


  3. Katy · August 14, 2012

    We have only used the Inset 30. I have *one* normal, round one to try, but haven’t yet. The inset 30 is so BIG compared to the one you’re using—I wouldn’t want to try it either! And the needle is about ten feet long. I want to get the microfine steel cannulas. Cannuli.

    Maybe Maddy would like a visit from the belly fairy, who does the site while she’s asleep and leaves ten bucks?


    • Katy · August 14, 2012

      I did it high enough to not be near a waist band. It looks pretty weird, but I think it’s comfortable.


  4. cbwinchild · August 15, 2012

    I can hear that 7 year old!!


  5. laura · August 15, 2012

    I’ll go to beach camp. Love bitchin nurses!


  6. shannon · September 13, 2012


    i’m glad your nurse seems so on top of things. we have a new nurse this year too. anxiety mostly assuaged by now.


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