Basal Pesto

Hardware problem or basal tweak?

Just when think on to some smart thing, turn out something else. Every afternoon for several days, change site. Because site stop working after lunch. After kachunk new site (not new insulin unless look bubbly) + syringe big correction, recover. Daily kachunks = a lot. Seem weird. Why site stop working every afternoon?

Now considering: it basal problem? Not enough basal in afternoon? Current schema, basal change more like…child 180 in afternoon when should be 120, change basal. Or child wake up 200, tweak 3AM basal. Bigfoot not think 400 = change basal. Think 400 = hardware malfunction. But if hardware malfunction EVERY DAY at same time, and inspect/look fine…<—Sherlock.

SO far for basal change, only ever boop up/down by 0.025u/hour. To combat 300/400-style high, probably need more emphatic boop. This safe? Let Bigfoot guess: it each family’s job experiment, figure out, every child different, etc.

Tempted up afternoon from 0.3u/hour to 0.4u/hour. Too radical? Not radical enough?



  1. Sara · August 10, 2012

    The hardest part of the “attitude” high for me is that I know that I am doing it but the words are out of my mouth before I feel like I can do anything about it. I want to not be a jerk but I can’t stop!

    No advice on basal settings 🙂


  2. Heather · August 10, 2012

    Re: High sugar…you can make a larger basal change than usual as long as you test frequently.
    It probably is some sort of dosing problem. Is he high after lunch, or just in later afternoon, because it could also be a lunch bolus issue (too many variables, I know) or a lag effect if he’s eating high fat lunch or snack.

    Also, I think most people with diabetes have some personality change with lows & highs. I am cranky and diagreeeable when low…and high (and sometimes in between!).


  3. Linda · August 10, 2012

    First time I ever bellowed at my mother was when I was in the hospital getting “settled” on insulin after diagnosis (1968). My first ever low. Only time, ever, That i bellowed at my mother, come to think of it. Yes. Sounds like basal to me. Ramp it up, just check pretty often till you are confident you’re on to the pattern.

    Changing sites every day is just so often! Must be almost a hard as injections? A guy on tudiabetes says if he thinks his set is malfunctioning early he does a temp basal of as much as + 200 % (??) which seems to restore function… Haven’t tried it myself. But yeah, sometimes bold is good. Unless it isn’t. Me, I would up it a bit at a time, say .05, then .025 as you get close, each day till it sticks.


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