Belly Fail

To thank you for inviting us to your beach house, the people of my country ceremonially scatter the entryway with used test strips and dog poo bags (unused). Try to think of them as rose petals, or leis.

2AM check new site: 419.

C’est impossible! Belly site legendary effective insulin entry. Dutiful Bigfoot inject correction syringe. (Arm.) 3u—fuzzy math. ISF 100 or 80? I am so tired. I think I need a calculator for this. It’s so sad that I’m too tired to remember there’s one on my phone. Either way maybe OK. (419-240=179. 419-300=119. Uhhhhh. OK?)

Obvsly, this not medical advice. 400+ require test ketones. Did not. No speck of this medical. Pretty much wish, kiss, wink sub in for science this night.

Begin prepare change site. Arm poke wake Bubs little bit. Belly site still on, but unplug.

BUBS: Hey! There’s a site stuck on my tummy. What’s that doing there?

BIGFOOT: Oh, that’s just the old one. You’re high so I’m changing your site. Sorry I woke you. I guess the old one got stuck there. That’s funny (It could be true. Pretty much true)

BUBS: Aw, I thought I finally got a site on there, but it’s just the sticker?

BFOOT: (…)

BUBS: (points finger straight over head and speaks very forcefully) TELL JACKY TO PUT IT IN THE PEACH TREE

BFOOT: (…) Are you asleep?

BUBS: (normal voice) I wish you’d done the new site in my belly while I was sleeping. Then I’d get ten dollars!

BF: Okay, well, maybe the next time you need a new site, The Belly Fairy will come to visit and leave ten dollars under your pillow

BUBS: Or how about a small Lego set? Like a $13 set

BF: That’ll be up to the Fairy

BUBS: Or one of those Star Wars planet ball sets? They’re $10

BF: Do you even like those?

BUBS: (Shrugs. Falls back to sleep)

I made this guide to insertion angles for reference. Courage!

Subterfuge: got away with whole pie! Dishonesty pay off. Not only Bubs suggest with own brain/mouth same plan Evil Bigfoot hatch w/o permission, also create new imaginary gift-giving character: Belly Fairy. Could also visit for belly button piercing, appendectomy, late-term circumcision, PRN.

Peel off “old site” that “got stuck” tummy. Examine for defect. Forensic study reveal this site fail because Bigfoot too timid w kachunker angle: cannula skim along skin surface. Not penetrate. Dang.

When try again, need bolder angle.



  1. Didabr · August 7, 2012

    My type 1 diabetic son is 34 and well, but I read your blog every day so I can still share your great insights and tips with him! You and your husband are the best parents in the world and you are an excellent creative writer!!! Much love and prayers !


    • Katy · August 7, 2012

      Wow, thanks. We know we are fairly nice people and doing our best, but we both feel very bumbling.


  2. Jackie · August 7, 2012

    What kind of sets do you use? I’m thinking the Inset 30s but I’m not sure… Those get annoying to do stomach sites but are especially useless for diy arm sites [no help=near impossible to get on]. I wish I got Legos when I did an arm site for the first time! Never had a problem with stomach sites but now I’ve got a lot of scar tissue buildup so I’m going for weirder areas of my torso + arms. Legs hurt a ton when I do them so I haven’t done a leg set in probably two years.


    • Katy · August 7, 2012

      We do use Inset 30s.

      With time/massage, does the scar tissue dissolve? I hope so. It’s a long journey.


      • Jackie · August 8, 2012

        Yeah, my legs look pretty okay now, arms haven’t actually built anything up yet and I’ve been using them a year or so for sets and CGMs… My stomach is just kind of weird that way, plus I kept putting them in the same spot for a good while. I switched to the Insets a month or so ago [still using up the Inset 30s] and really like them – they’re smaller and seem to stab less, you could try them on his stomach and see if that changes anything; my endo gave me a bunch of sets to try when I said I wanted to change.


      • Linda in Idaho · August 8, 2012

        Long journey is right. About scar tissue, for me the stainless steel cannula is the least scarring, but, it is, well, stainless steel. So finding a less-often-bumped spot, ideally with fewer nerves is helpful. I lightly touch the needle here and there in the chosen new area till I find a spot where I don’t feel it, insert there = less bloody, more comfy sites. How do Bubs’ sites look when you remove the sets? Inflamed or just like regular skin with a little red blood spot? I think inflammation is what scars, maybe. I drew a little map of my belly (only place I can reach that well, also has a nice bit of padding left from having babies). Make copies of it as needed. Each set change I put a dot and date where the new site is. Try not to hit same place more than 1x/month.

        If you see inflammation with insets, there is a kind of stainless steel set called the orbit micro, which was designed by a diabetic for young or skinnier diabetics. It has a 5.5 mm long 31 gauge needle = very short, very thin. Tubing (blue, so you can see bubbles) circles 360 degrees. If you and Bubs decide to try them, go online for directions how to use them. The ones that come in the package are worse than useless. They take a little practice to get good at. Or Animas makes the Contact-D, 6mm, 27 gauge. You insert metal sets manually, no kachunker, so maybe that’s bad or good. Dunno. Works for me. Good luck.


      • Katy · August 8, 2012

        I think I met the Orbit Micro people at the FFL conference! I signed up for samples. (Awaiting their arrival.) The rep explained to me that in Europe (or maybe she said Germany?), stainless steel is the preferred type, and that it is so much thinner than the flexible cannula. I was sold. Then I promptly forgot. Thank you for the reminder.

        Usually his sites look OK, but every once in a while they are bloody or inflamed, like a mosquito bite.


  3. Sara · August 10, 2012

    I use the steel needle sets. The style from Animas are called Contact-Detach. I like them because it takes a step out of the problem solving process. The sites can still get clogged if you leave them in too long, but they cannot get kinked because they are… steel needles.

    Animas will send you some samples if you are thinking about switching. Also, ask around in the DOC. I know some other d-parents use them. I imagine it is different for a kid to use one than an adult woman with generous love handles.


    • Katy · August 11, 2012

      Getting! For my “Sara Said So” collection.


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