Briggs Beach Motto: the beach so private, you even need a key to leave

Today visit private beach Little Compton. Friend borrow other friend’s key card, get past gatehouse, wave to guard, RR X-ing bar go up, drive down shady lane 10 MPH, arrive beautiful beach. Made it.

394. <—it mg/dL.

Mother/son look each other eye, agog. Sift brain/gather facts: 1. he was fine before we left home; 2. the insulin is fresh; 3. therefore the problem is the site; 4. this is why we always carry spare kachunkers; 5. but i really don’t want to get out the giant lobster claw needle right here on the beach in front of our friends; 6. just get it over with, it’s not a big deal, they’ll look away. Say, “I think I’m going to have to change that site. It must not be working.” Bubs say, “No! I don’t want you to do it here.” Say, “I don’t want to either but we have to. This is why we carry extra kachunkers. Come on, I can just plop it right on and then we’ll be done.” Rummage in bag for kachunker. Before drone more salient fact, Bubs swimsuit reveal quarter moon. Kachunk. Old set out: cannula bloody. Proof.

Administer correction. Rather large. Swimming. Pump off. Place in cooler as per Kerri video. Swim swim swim, boogie board, etc. Back on towel, clip back in (note: Little Compton sand not clog site like Middletown sand), Bigfoot eager test, make sure BG lower. Grab meter from beach bag. Insert test strip. New message. Not sure exact wording message, something like NO FUNCTION AT THIS TEMPERATURE. ARE WE IN HELL? REFER TO USER MANUAL. Feel tiny fist punch throat. What now?

Sift brain/gather facts: 1. I guess I should have put the meter in the cooler with the pump; 2. this is why we carry a spare meter; 3. the spare meter is deeper down in the beach bag, near the water bottles which still feel somewhat cool. Say hello old friend Pink Ultra Mini. 300.

The charming friend had created an entire line of mineral makeup by the time we left.

Eat yogurt + Utz Cheese Curls 100 calorie pack. Bolus. Gather rocks. Make dark gray + light gray eyeshadows by banging rocks with friends. Swim. Test. 84.

Huge relief. Happy prepared, even though forgot spare insulin vial + not sharp enough know store meter in cooler. Prepared enough. No problem.

He felt fine the whole time. Isn’t that nice?

Cheese + pretzel snack. Pack up. Drive home. Discuss Monty Python films. Everyone agree “flesh wound” part best. Arrive home. Bigfoot Spouse pull in same time. Bigfoot so cool, not blurt out all medical equipment excitement first sight.




  1. Jackie · July 25, 2012

    Ni! You must bring us a shrubbery! [def best part, although flesh wound is great too]


  2. Jess · July 25, 2012

    You are totally impressive. Rocked it. Glad you had a nice day at the beach.


    • Katy · July 25, 2012

      thank you! i felt adequate! it was divine.


  3. Pam · July 26, 2012

    LOL at ‘are we in hell’ error message. And have experienced same panicked…’what do we do now with no info!’ thoughts. Beach is so worth it all though!


  4. Nicole p · July 27, 2012

    Funny story! I went to six flags – and stored my meter with the ice pack. First time I went to test, the meter did not want to test because it was too COLD. So I left it out and then it didn’t want to test because it was too HOT… What?? Very frustrating day trying to find the ‘mazing meter medium! I’m so glad you had a great day… 🙂


    • Katy · July 27, 2012

      Ha! You were too diligent. Maybe the perfect summer meter climate is in a cooler, but resting against a small packet of cheese doodles instead of on a cold drink or ice pack.



      • Nicole p · July 27, 2012

        My boyfriend thought my shagrin with the whole thing was quiet funny. So did his niece. I was not so amused! I think you’re right, just need to find a place in the cooler that wasn’t so COOL! 😛 Drat! Diabetes! Scamp.


  5. shannon · August 2, 2012

    “your arm’s off!”

    what a great day! one of those days when even though D throws all those curve balls, you still knock it outta the park (mixed sports metaphor what).

    i especially related to the bit about not blurting out the stuff to spouse upon return home. oh yes.


  6. Colleen · October 21, 2013

    I just stumbled across your blog from a Pinterest post of Briggs beach. I live just on the other side of the point, and as I got to 394 mg/dL I skimmed over it quickly to only see “insulin” later on. I got really giddy and re-read what I had skimmed and was so excited to see that one of your kiddos is a T1. Not excited that he lives with it, but that there was a fellow T1 just down the beach from me one day! I never see pumpers on the beach so to read about a fellow pumper was really cool. Awesome job on keeping everything in line with what you had! And an even bigger congrats on him not going low! :oD


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