Insulin Science

Seven down, three to go.

Insulin + rainy day/new Lego set/good book = ineffective.

Insulin + beach day = work like dream.

That why Bubs run up/down staircase 10x post bolus/pre-eat, rainy day. Attempt mimic condition of active lifestyle. Incredulous boy go along this plan. Not understand why cooperate, when stair thing seem so extremely ridiculous and not cooperate more standard request (apply sunscreen, brush hair, etc.) Important note: this strategy not work.Ten staircase not enough. Walk dog not enough. Need action. Real action.

Yesterday beach day. So busy boogie board, pickle, kadima. Cousins arrive, even more action. Bigfoot, Bigfoot spouse carefully calculate leave 15g carbs uncovered at lunch. 15 a lot! Also no basal while swim—pump in cooler. Even so, Bubs emerge from waves I feel kind of low.

BIGFOOT: Thinks she’s probably overreacting Can you walk back to our chairs?

BUBS: Unfastens velcro boogie board leash from wrist. Stares straight ahead, mouth slightly open

BIGFOOT: I’ll carry this. Can you walk?

BUBS: Stands still. Starts to move at a glacial pace. Stops

BIGFOOT: Do you want me to carry you?

BUBS: No. I think I’m OK. Not moving

In a fog at 50. Plenty of time to take a picture.

Seven hours later, arrive at chairs. Bigfoot spouse get test kit out. 50. So eager treat low because have new favorite treatment: Glucolift! Unexpected hurdle: unable remove Glucolift tabs from 4-tab keychain holder obtain at FFL conference pharmaceutical swag. Maybe humidity make tabs swell? While spouse smack open container against palm, Bigfoot fumble wrapper off of cherry Starburst. (Worst flavor, so sorry, Bigfoot eat last yellow when no one looking.) While Bubs chew, Bigfoot Spouse succeed liberate keychain glucose tabs. Bubs feel better immediately upon swallow sugar.

Then realize ravenous! Grab closest edible thing: sea salt cashews. Hmm. These are pretty good. Then plum. Then Luna bar, even though notice wrapper say the whole nutrition bar for women. Then two peanut butter sandwiches. Then water. Then Bigfoot bolus for all but Starbusts/tabs, because storm rolling in, probably not stay beach much longer, only sit in car on drive home/in house duration of storm.

Play pickle. Sky darkens. Pack up. Rinse off. Pile into car. Headphones on. Simpsons DVD in. Drive through storm.

Home. High. 220 something. By bed time, 179. Bigfoot + BSpouse watch Friends with Kids. (Recommend!) 1AM 147. Bigfoot try convince spouse new nickname “Doll.” Bravely decide OK sleep through night. Wake up 8AM, 108. Not mean brag, but it eons since wake up normal # w/o consistent overnight interventions. Chuffed.

SCIENCE: Cashew, ocean, Jennifer Westfeldt–>good. Lego, reading, rain–>bad.



  1. hmqueen · July 19, 2012

    Glad to hear you got a decent sleep for a change! Every now and then, the T1 tide works in our favor.


    • Katy · July 19, 2012

      I need to get that CGM out of the box. I basically feel like we can never sleep, because who knows what’s happening with rises and drops? And it matters. Right? Does it matter? Or am I just obsessive? Or am I not obsessive enough? I hate this. Fuck it! I’m glad I slept. I’d do it again.


  2. Zakary · July 19, 2012

    I’m here because the only thing more fascinating than my kid’s blood sugar is your kid’s blood sugar.

    And I let Zoe hula hoop after dinner to help absorb insulin? Make carbs go away? Fuck, how am I in charge.


    • Katy · July 19, 2012

      I think you’re not being sarcastic because I could read about other people’s kids blood sugars for hours. Every day. Instead of reading the New York Times. I would ideally just read lists of kids’ BG numbers.


  3. Kay · July 19, 2012

    Fantastic that you finally got some sleep and that his BG behaved. What’s a CGM?


    • Katy · July 19, 2012

      continuous glucose monitor–another thing to stick on the kid (or adult)–it lets you know if you’re on the way up or down. it’s for when we reach the next level of sophistication.


      • Kay · July 20, 2012

        Does it come equipped with a function that wakes up Bigfoot? If not, you need to get inventing NOW.


  4. katie · July 19, 2012

    Yay for science! Joey’s MD changed ALL of his basals and I/C ratio so we have been up around the clock- I am exhausted. Joey wants to know where Bubs plays Minecraft, computer or Xbox. Also, how is dream babysitter?


    • Katy · July 19, 2012

      B is bitter about Minecraft. He plays on Xbox and he plays on iPhone. He really, really wants a PC for Minecraft. Is that what he needs to play w Joey?


    • katie · July 23, 2012

      Yes, Joey has Minecraft on the PC, which was a huge pain in the ass to get as it comes from “Mojang”, an international company. My credit card refused to let me buy it until I called customer service and insisted that “yes, i was aware i was buying a game from sweden, or wherever”…. Joey plays mainly in a “faction”, ie: a safe area where no one can steal from you our blow-up your house. It only has four other people on the site and it is easy to monitor conversation. He also plays Roblox, which is a free online game much like minecraft. He calls his friends here and they set-up a time to meet each other in the game. He also has a wizard 101 account… Joey spends too much time on the computer 🙂


      • Katy · July 23, 2012

        thanks! he’s trying roblox as we speak.


  5. Karen · July 19, 2012

    Oh yes, those MUST EAT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT NOW lows. I don’t have them often, but when I do I will rip my husband’s head off if he tries to get between me and the food and tell me I have had enough to treat that low. Idiot. (My husband, not you)


    • Katy · July 19, 2012

      Is it a combination of Low BG + Normal People Hungry that leads to the MEEIS(ight) phenomenon? He had sort of turned his nose up at our lunch offerings earlier in the day.


      • LInda · July 20, 2012

        No, it feels like waking up out of reality into a total emergency. “Hmm. Better eat something. As in now? Make that NOW! Arggggh. Hurry! EAT!! More, more, MORE!!!!” – Eating is the ONLY weapon you have to drive that consciousness-sucking low rider Zombie Troll back into it’s slimy dark den – waaaay back, never to be seen again, ever (KEEP EATING!)). Primal.

        If only there were a minus 150% temp basal. So sorry Bubs and you have to deal with this. Good you slept.

        P.S. Website is my spouse’s, = Tarzan.


  6. shannon · August 2, 2012

    i spy a free target sassy med container.



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