New Leaf(s): Botox, Meat, Clip, Cap

418 —> 98 in 45 minutes! Just add 3.05u Humalog and 72 pounds of rage.

Spend hunk this day at beach w good friend, discuss summer goals for spend more time together watch Mad Men Season 5/carouse + why Subaru Forester so large now/impossible buy appropriate-size car (if 2012 Mercedes station wagon out of reach) + Vitamix blender ever so powerful: it can boil soup. If make pear sauce it’s hot when you pour it into the bowl. Fantastic time.

Bubs boogie board/play Kadima. BG 418 (sorry)—>98 approx. 45 minutes. Happy, scary surprise. BG seem know exactly where stop plummet. Retrospect, over course of plummet, Bubs complete Kadima nazi. Use edge paddle draw rather tight oval “court” in sand. Say Bigfoot lose point if step outside oval! Impossible hit ball this stricture. Next Bubs criticize Bigfoot backhand. Also you’re hitting it too low! And you’re hitting it too high! Furious. It’s like you’re being SNOTTY towards me ON PURPOSE. Bigfoot think this kid is insane. After see #, Bigfoot think ohhhh.


New leaf 1: Why not do sooner? Glucose record pages from Coro Center depress Bigfoot: copy of copy of copy of master copy blurry Xerox (may actually originate mimeograph era); each patient take blurry copy home, copy over and over, one per 3 days (10x month), get fuzzier, blurrier, more depressing each month.

After! It’s like it got Botox and microdermabrasion. No one knows the chart is vain, they just think it looks well-rested.

At last! Create fresh table, print 15 copies. Barely different but feel much better. Happy fresh like new Trapper Keeper for first day school. Celebrate achievement @Staples: buy zippy new type Uniball Pen named Insight. Apropos.

New leaf 2: meal planning. Bigfoot all but give up sugar substitute baking, coconut palm sugar exploration, protein powder pancake. New plan is make normal pre-D food, add rotisserie chicken +/or egg.

B will eat chicken. A few green beans. Slab of baguette. Paul Newman’s Diet lemonade. 35g cho. Please try this goat cheese.

Bigfoot not skilled meat handler, hate touch meat, hate eat meat except incidental bacon/smoked salmon. For diabetes, try make meat. Really try. Learn make taco with meat instead bean for lower carb. Other than meat taco, fail. Try. Fail. Dog eat so much grass fed beef 2011-12, Bigfoot family save ton money on dog food.

Best plan: make normal food, buy rotisserie chicken. Or this: make normal food, spouse grill beef tenderloin. Secret of life for veg-leaning parent of meat-lover T1D child=rotisserie chicken v. other parent grills v. meat taco.

3rd new leaf: success w. clip for beach. Reyna mention use infusion set filler-clip for beach keep sand out OK. Bigfoot too cynical this small piece plastic before. Try today. It work! Not need new kachunker. Site pretty gritty, but not impossible unclip-clip in filler clip-swim-unclip filler clip-reclip pump clip. (Repeat.) How kind infusion set maker include free beach clip each set.

4th new leaf: Bigfoot thought need extra battery cap/cartridge cap in case lose. NOT TRUE! Rule is change battery cap/cartridge cap every 6 months–every 3 months if swim in pump. Gads. Learn this important fact from on hold recordings Animas customer service. But not able add battery cap/cartridge cap in w. regular quarterly shipment infusion set supplies. Different category. Unsure insurance cover. Very tricky. Kind of like test strip control fluid. Important (maybe) but impossible remember, difficult acquire.


29 responses to “New Leaf(s): Botox, Meat, Clip, Cap

  1. Ground turkey tacos, my kids don’t know the difference. You brown the ever loving shit out of it, toss in some garlic and cumin and s and p, done.

    I’m a big fan of turkey.


  2. Mary M

    Thanks for the laughs over breakfast! I have also wondered why the Forester is so big now… And I love your new log sheet. I haven’t kept one in years, I depend on the pump records to do it for me. I’m impressed that you put the time in on it.


    • the paper record seems so laborious/unnecessary. the dongle and pump software drove me up the wall even more than carrying around a bunch of crumpled papers (maybe because we use macs?)


      • Mary M

        I fought the dongle for a year +. Then got to my Animas rep and asked her for the doodad that they have available internally that the pump and dongle sit in and stay aligned. Found out about it in a parents’ forum. Why don’t they send one with every pump? So much easier. Don’t know about Macs and the software…


      • A thing to hold the dongle against the pump’s sweet spot! That’s just what I need. Thank you. This is amazing. Could it be something they sent with the software? Is it a tiny piece of plastic or like a…an obvious stand? I have quite a few stray pieces of plastic.


      • Sara

        Are you using the dongle (teehee!) for EZManager or Diasend? Diasend works well with the Mac. At least according to my endo. She’s happy with the printouts from it.


      • A few months ago I spent a few hours trying out the dongle. I couldn’t get it to work! And it’s so frustrating because as I recall, with each attempt, you wait and wait and wait, and then it eventually tells you it failed. It’s not like try, fail, try, fail but like try, wait in eager anticipation sure this time it will be different, fail. Repeat.

        When I complained about it, the vibe I got was “yeah, that thing suxx.” So I never went back.

        I guess I should try again???

        It would be awfully handy.


  3. 1. My daughter was vegetarian before she was diagnosed. Now? It’s difficult to deny her a Slim Jim between meals or at snack time because they are only 0.5 carbs per stick.

    2. BTW, ick. Slim Jims? Blech!

    3. She has also become a fan of the rotiserrie chicken. I buy them because I’m like you and think it gross to handle raw meat.

    4. Call the test strip manufacturer. They should give you test strip solution for free. Also, if you haven’t already, ask if they have a prescription savings plan. Ours saves us a crapload of money.

    5. I rarely remember to do control solution. They should give us a free extra strip in each vial and a perky reminder to do it.


    • such good advice! i will call the test strips company today.

      i am curious how you turned Q on to slim jims! she should star in a series of ads for SJ. expand their demographic. they could wind up in the granola bars/mini Oreo packs aisle of grocery stores instead of by the keychains and lottery tickets!


  4. 🙂
    Four Cs (spices, not bread crumb brand) Chix Recipe
    425 degree oven (shitty summer recipe)
    chix drumsticks
    cumin, chili, cinnamon, corriander, salt, pepper
    cook the shit out of the chix, until fall from bone/fat practically become part of chix


  5. mollyjade

    Have you tried Butler soy curls? Despite the somewhat odd name, they’re tasty, easy to cook, inexpensive, and low carb/high protein. And have a really simple unscary ingredients list. I used to order them online before I could get them locally.

    And I really like this seitan recipe from Viva Vegan ( (nutrition info: And chickpea cutlets, which are admittedly higher carb at 20g each (, but make a pretty good moderate carb meal with tomato sauce and a green veg on the side.


  6. I am the same way with meat! I totally feel so much less alone & weird knowing I’m not the only one. 🙂


  7. Sara

    I only eat red meat when someone else is cooking. I can barely handle touching raw chicken, I can’t handle any food that is bleeding! Blargh!


  8. Mary M

    The dongle holder is not sold or sent with the pumps. Urban legend sez it was created by an Animas employee out of Play-doh to align the pump and dongle. Then they started to make them for internal use. I asked my rep about them, and she had one in the car. She put it on the table and looked the other way while I picked it up. She’s not officially supposed to give them out? Would make sense to solve one of the pump users’ major frustrations with their products. Our endo is threatening to stop using Animas because her patients and staff can’t download their data.


    • for real? this should be on This American Life.


      • Mary M

        Right up there with Apple in China. Did you see that TAL was thinking about prefacing David Sedaris’ work with a disclaimer saying that it is a work of humor? Fall out from the Apple story, hope it doesn’t really happen. Imagine, David Sedaris massaged his elf story to be funny so it’s not all true, who could believe that.
        Not on-topic at all.
        Dreaming of a Vitamix in the kitchen and a small Forester in the garage.


      • Sweet dreams, Mary!
        Did you see the thing…(where?) that D.S. originally had either the Corduroy book or the Squirrel book with a title involving diabetes? So it’s not off-topic. At all.


      • David Sedaris’ editor came up with the title for his book, “Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk” because he wanted to call it “Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls.”


  9. minute 4 in the clip


    • Mary M

      No, too great. I never picked that book up, may have to hit the library to see. It will make a great vacation book for a few weeks from now.


  10. Been keeping up with your posts — I hate cooking meat! Always have, turns my stomach. In the last year with D, I have come to depend on frozen diced chicken for burritos, or even making barbecue. I also buy pre-made burgers. My daughter likes Slim Jims or pepperoni & cheese for a snack. The other thing: her BG keeps dropping to 50 while boogie boarding at the beach. She’s trying to convince me that if we lived near the ocean, her BG would run lower.


  11. i think you should bring in a blank copy of your botox logbook to your next endo appt and spread the love.


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