carbs : in barf :: angels: on head of pin

Tonight after dinner, family basketball game. Frolicsome quartet + confused dog. Bubs laugh so hard, upchuck little bit in grass. Not sick. Feel fine. Just run around, laughing fit turn into coughing fit, can’t catch breath, too much diaphragm excitement right after eat.

Bigfoot squat in grass, try gauge carb content this barf pile. Small pile. Maybe 1/3 cup total? Bubs ate carrots, watermelon, 3/4 cheeseburger. No hunks visible this barf. Decide barf content limited water/dessert. Mini ice cream sandwich 15g carbs. Drink tea w honey compensate loss. Done w. dinner-bball-barf-honey tea by 7PM.

9PM: 120. Baby fist pump! Kudos to self on excellent barf analysis.

9:25PM: 62. Bigfoot Spouse say He’s at 62.

BIGFOOT: No. He’s not

BSPOUSE: Well, he is. I just checked

BFOOT: He’s at 120. Really

BSP: I don’t know what to tell you. The meter says 62

Call up new mad skillz. Put heads together/consider options. Glucose tabs? Bigfoot think no. Fear skyrocket. Propose middle path: half glass milk. BSpouse think -90% temp basal + 8g glucose. Wha? Spouse point out 62 pretty low. Not messing around low. Truly low. OK; but Bigfoot think if give 8g glucose, keep basal 100%. Also confused: when change kachunker, fill cannula. Correct? But then when change insulin/tubing but keep newly kachunked (hours old–superfresh! and functional) site, not need fill cannula. Or when remove tubing, cannula become unfilled? Or maybe refill pre-filled cannula. Whoops. That 0.70 units extra. Also pretty unlikely generous teaspoon honey same as carbs in barf. Grumble. Too many factors.

After breakfast, all day high. ALL DAY Bubs high. At camp. Know should change site but want so much not engage whole rigamarole, ruin flow of camp day. Keep thinking site start working +/or proposed new site destined same poor outcome current site. After three BG > 300 btw. 10AM-2:30PM (sorry), finally pop new kachunker. BG cruise right down 125. Then read this calm, smart post. Cry little bit from happiness. Familiar.


5 responses to “carbs : in barf :: angels: on head of pin

  1. Never really tried the ol’ barf carb analysis bit! And wtf???? with the 9:20 check after you had filled in the 9pm slot…ANNOYING. 🙂


  2. I love the barf analysis. Who knew we’d ever be doing this?! Perhaps he went low due to latent effects of bball, not because your analysis was wrong. I’ve always wondered about the cannula fill too. I use .20 for a fill but have no idea if that’s “right.”


    • Blargh. He was low all night. Since he had been 250+ for 3+ nights in a row, I upped his basal by 0.025u/hour. Could that tiny scrap of difference be the difference between a 250 and a 60? ISF is 80. I think that means 1 unit lowers BG by 80 points, not 0.025u lowers BG by 190 points. My whining is giving me a headache. I’m going to back away.

      I was so happy to hear from you, and then I whined.


  3. your barf analysis was spectacular! the shit they never tell us about in the hospital.

    we never refill the canulla (fixed prime it’s called for medtronic) if we’re just plugging in new tubing. dunno if animas is the same or not.


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