FFL Nuggets

Zero carb Sno-Cones.

Bigfoot fairly strung out on FFL. Learn so much. Meet new, outstanding, life-changing persons. Mind boggle.

Conference creator, founder, organizer Laura Billetdeaux email attendees for feedback. What work? What not work? Main problem = thick T-shirt fabric. FFL maybe upgrade foxy cling d’American Apparel? Other bad parts this conference involve graphic design/popcorn ceiling Marriott bedroom/Pepsi-oriented soft drink cast Walmart-y pall over FFL snack buffets. It always easy Bigfoot find thing complain about.

Everything else awesome. People awesome. Sports Central awesome. Volume/quality red raspberries AMAZING. Tower of Terror make Bigfoot hurl, but that not FFL problem.

Last night arrive home, decide better write down everything learned, synthesize scribbled notes –> legible document, follow up on knowledge. It necessary mention Bigfoot not science/endocrine expert? Yet this = 100% medical advice. Take or leave at own risk. But take, because all good advice.

Joe If you like diabetes, there’s something wrong with you Solowiejczyk

Bigfoot have a lot say about how much love Joe Solo but instead list top nuggets:

Here’s adorable Joe (look at those awesome eyeglass frames!) after greeting Bubs. “So what do you think of this diabetes bullshit?”

Recommend Xanax or valium, not allow parent stress/fear/agony become icky sauce on child’s otherwise happy life. Also recommend agree with child it suck, then sit on child and inject. Never bribe. Also recommend punish teens when not comply treatment plan: Teenagers are not afraid of amputations, they are afraid of losing Facebook.

Day after meet Joe, Bubs wake up say I think I’m going to be a lot like Joe when I grow up. And upon learn Joe Solo favorite ice cream = chocolate chip cookie dough, order chocolate chip cookie dough at Marriott scoop shop.

Moira Let yourself be scared to death McCarthy  

Main MM thing=let child take lead. Kids are usually ready before the parents. Don’t let a frightening situation end their freedom.

And this: treating diabetes for a perfect A1C is easy: lock them in a room, and hook up an IV. Treating diabetes while having a life is the hard part.

In one teenager OK-A1c story, MM permit daughter buy everything in Vineyard Vines. Bigfoot so fond rich preppies totally oblivious rich preppitude, make feel included glam life, almost feel squeeze of madras hair band on skull.

(Not MM, but other presenter–not remember who–show photo entire Ray-Banned family aboard yacht, say This is my family. As you can see, my family is just like your family. Then elephant in room fart, amazing fart sound miraculously like speaking tuba: they do look just like my family, but our yacht has navy cushions with white piping.)

RICHARD Keep your eyes on the prize RUBIN 

Prize not controlling your child’s diabetes, prize = help child learn how

Instead of looking at high BGs and figuring out what went wrong, look at normal BGs and figure out what went right so you can replicate that

Consider mistakes experiments. With every mistake you get information for your next experiment.

GARY Put vinegar in their Cheerios SCHEINER 

Spike in BG serious bad. Immediate problem: tiredness, difficult concentrate, clumsy for sports, mood swings. Long term: kidney disease, eye problems… Scary example, hope not read note correctly: begin kidney disease in average of 14 years (for Bubs that’s 22) if BG >200 after meals. HOLY SHIT!

BUT…test BG one hour postprandial. In school children spike of +100 = acceptable. PHEW.

Here what can do:

  • Bolus a “down payment” 15-45 minutes before eating a meal if BG over 80. If under 80, bolus at beginning of meal. Once you know more specifically the amount they’ll eat you can “pay the balance.” (i.e. with a 2nd bolus)
  • SPLIT THE MEAL—eat half, then eat the rest 60-120 minutes later, even though you bolus for the whole thing at the beginning
  • VINEGAR—slows the carbs down
  • EATING VEGETABLES before higher-carb food slows down the carbs
  • ACTIVITY AFTER EATING: sports or vacuuming or lawn chores or walking dog. Activity delays digestion, uses some glucose, makes insulin work faster.
  • WARM THE INFUSION SITE or shower right after insulin—to get it working faster
  • CONSIDER AN RX for SYMLIN. Diabetics are not just missing insulin, but also amylin. Amylin decreases appetite and slows gastric emptying (i.e. so the glucose from the meal hits more slowly.) This is an additional shot. It is not approved for use in children, but neither are many other things we give children

Bigfoot totally taking Gary advice. Not pursue Symlin, only because can’t bear add in new shot.

Bigfoot also attend session on social media w/Kerri (already known awesome, life changing person) and Scott (new awesome, life-changing person–no need click on link, it the same Scott everyone else already know/love). Bigfoot enter session late. Everyone recommend hashtag #dsma Wednesdays at 9PM. One person mentioned pump broke in bra while dancing. Not sure how related, but Bigfoot write down that sentence.

At Pepsi-dominated conference, Kerri + Scott both enjoy icy Diet Cokes. Bigfoot almost grab Scott’s because not even drinking! Torture.

If you read it from the back, it spells out HUMALOG IS THE DEVIL

Graphic design awards: GLOOKO cable for iPhone + Glucolift non-GMO, gluten-free glucose tabs

Bionic pancreas: hope Bubs = in trial at Camp Joslin July 2013

Jerry the Bear from Rhode Island. Adorable young inventors in bear suits.

Pretty much everything else was normal ugly cheap crap and drugs. Best of cheap crap = Novolog elecrtic fan w/ light-up message.



  1. Bonni · July 9, 2012

    I’m so glad you’re back…that was a long week without my Bigfoot fix! I wish my T1D’er was interested in other T1D’ers but alas he’s not, so no FFL this year. Maybe next. Love the info about not bribing and how to punish non-compliant teens. Thanks.


    • Katy · July 10, 2012

      did i say already somewhere else: hi! wow! how nice to be missed!


  2. Jacquie Paul Wojcik · July 9, 2012

    Amen to the crappy design, but we had that conversation. Also, your yacht/elephant fart comment made me laugh out loud, and I’m not just saying that.

    I really hope I get to see you again next year!


    • Katy · July 9, 2012

      knowing you and your adorable husband and BABY will be there makes me want to go for sure.


  3. laura · July 9, 2012

    “…if BG >200 after meals.” I just about hurled myself.


  4. Karen · July 9, 2012

    Nooooooo!!!! You actually wrote down that my pump broke in my bra. Aaaaahhh, now I will always be “That Girl Whose Boobs Sweat So Much They Killed Her Pump”. *sigh*

    It was so so great to meet you and I has such an awesome time hanging with you and Shannon for a bit Friday night. Can’t wait to see you again!


  5. Katy · July 9, 2012

    that was YOU? i couldn’t see! did you get a bunch of supportive (ha!) tweets from the other sweaty boobs?


  6. Katy · July 9, 2012

    I heard from Laura B. She said she agrees about the Diet Coke need!


  7. Scott K. Johnson · July 10, 2012

    I love this post almost as much as I love Diet Coke!!!

    It was SUCH a treat getting to meet you. It was super hard not to give you a big giant hug right away, but that wouldn’t have been good (I was a sweaty mess from playing basketball). Better for both of us that we waited. 🙂

    Joe Solo is one of the most magical people on the planet, and I’m so happy you guys got to meet him.

    I just wish we had more time to sit and visit. Maybe the next time our paths cross (hopefully soon)!


  8. Sara · July 10, 2012

    Perhaps you heard the laughing from our table at the “my family is just like your family” slide.

    MY family is going camping this weekend… in tents… and I have just been informed we will not be showering. That is JUST like sailing, right?


    • Katy · July 10, 2012

      So glad to know I’m not the only one with the wrong kind of yacht. I wish I had been sitting with you!


  9. Liz · July 10, 2012

    Sounds really wonderful. I’m guessing you would recommend it?


    • Katy · July 10, 2012

      i think you guys would like it even more than i did! i got kind of hung up on the pepsi/not coke thing. best of all i like having gone and coming home with some new ideas. i am very glad we went.


  10. Kerri. · July 10, 2012

    Seconding love for the elephant fart comment. I’m so glad you were at FFL this year. But it’s completely effed up that I last saw you out-of-state, when you live less than 25 minutes from me. I’m home for the next few weeks – hit me up! 🙂


  11. shannon · July 13, 2012

    “almost feel squeeze of madras hair band on skull”

    omg srsly, phrases like this hit me in a very specific part of my funny bone like few others can, i am so grateful to kerri for bringing you into my life!!

    also, i could not agree more about the scratchy tshirt fabric. since you got good feedback on the coke issue maybe american apparel isn’t far behind?


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  15. dreambox cccam editor · April 29, 2013

    Good post. I am experiencing a few of these issues as well.



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