Pack for FFL: 1st attempt

Warning: this not interesting. Only not want lose/maybe good reference for next time. This what Bigfoot think need for five nights in Orlando. Using one small wheelie bag + one additional carry-on per person.

For Bubs:


Lego magazine

3 swimsuits


4 Bermuda shorts

2 sports shorts

2 pr. pants

6 T-shirts

1 long sleeved T-shirt

1 Lacoste shirt (=formal wear)

7 pr. underpants

stuffed animal (to be selected)

Nicholas book (which one?)

Disney lanyard w/ collectible pins (can not find!)


For Bigfoot:

computer, case, cord (I said I’d work–I already think that was dumb)

phone, case, charger, headphones

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian

State of Wonder

3 swimsuits

5 sundresses

2 skirts

2 T-shirts

2 pr. shorts

underwear, bras

ball fringe heels

sunhat, sunglasses

contact lenses + accoutrements


Tylenol with codeine






mommy cards for Bigfoot


one bangle

one watch

Sharpies + drawing paper

ponytail holders


For both:

Boarding passes

photo ID

TSA diabetes regulations

letter to TSA from Dr. Doughnut

1 share-able better sweater

1 UNO game

toothbrushes, pastes, shampoo, sunscreen, hairbrush

cash money

credit cards

coupon for free Legoland admission

insurance cards

HSA credit card

AAA card

Lego VIP card

baseball cap


Packed for Diabetes

10 kachunkers

10 tubings

10 cartridges

current vial insulin

unopened vial insulin

spare unopened vial insulin


frio pack

little cooler

30 syringes

alcohol swipes, IV prep pads,  adhesive-dissolving pads, hand wipers

175 test strips

Ping meter

spare meter

pump batteries

meter batteries

spare meter batteries

finger pricker + lancets

spare finger pricker

glucagon set


mini luna bars (box)

granola bars (box)


pen + record chart






  1. Katy · July 3, 2012

    also the insulin with the big R


  2. Eileen · July 3, 2012

    We’re packing too (I wish for FL). Thanks for the handy list. Head lamp? For night time checks? You look super prepared. Only think I didn’t notice was something for testing for ketones? Just got back from endo…wondering if noon is too early for a summer shandy? So relieved about a1c. Not so bad after all!


  3. Nicole p · July 9, 2012

    How was it, Katy??


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