Like 2

Let’s take a break from the baguette ride. How about another mozzarella stick, my dear?

LIKE #2 (Diabetes like this, i.e. resemble)


It like knowing child out in bright sun, already burned, no sunscreen on, predisposition melanoma, not possible create shade/go indoors, just sit there—maybe wave paper fan


It like riding bike, slow/wobbly, across busy highway, no helmet. When make to other side, know got away with something but not something fun


It like arrive foreign country, sit in cafe, waiter bring correct drink—even though know only spoke grunts/gestures, sure language make no sense, not understand how waiter understand order, sip drink. Drink fill heart-lung-finger-eye-brain cells happiness. No free refill



  1. ginger · June 28, 2012

    i have now experienced a small teeny taste of what daily life must be like! i was so happy until the ‘no free refill’ entered the post!


    • Katy · June 28, 2012

      aw, ginger. i can’t believe you read these. isn’t it a little too diabetes-y for you? you’re a peach.


      • ginger · June 28, 2012

        you are a good writer you make it enjoyable…you never know when you might need to understand all this and it is so overwhelming to me! it’s always good to learn something new!!!


  2. shannon · June 28, 2012

    no free refill. 😦

    excellent descriptions, man. “maybe wave fan”. yeah.


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