Jam up the pump a little more

Another feature of 2nd beach: The Kindest, Most Agreeable, Fun Boy is almost always there, just to the right of lifeguard #5

Wish followed advice from last time express shock re grit in site. Recap: can of compressed air. Or advice from comments on Gritty Little Infusion Sets. Recap: Opsite Flexifix, IV3000, Tegaderm, Matisol, “skintac, tegaderm, skintac, sensor, skintac, tegaderm in layers;” some of advice may be only re Dexcom. Bigfoot not yet gather energy figure out where buy* specialty adhesives; fear will be medical supply shoppe w bedside commode, flesh-tone compression socks.

Persons who enjoy rolling in sand and/or digging holes using only their buns may be especially susceptibl

Main thing about beach: Bubs so happy. Also notice learned trust Bubs come in from water if feel low. Today trot over, dry hand on towel, test, 68, eat 3 Starbursts (all independent w brief consultation re Starburst location) run back in. This probably not 100% correct procedure, but Bigfoot not check again. Trust will come in if feel low again, notice strange sensation: relaxation, put nose right back in New York Times crossword, fill in G R E E N H O U S E G A S E S. Holla.

Issue now: decide new normal pump program. Summer days very active, more than school. Except for over-hot/rainy summer day sit still with Lego, barely move, much less active than school. Today so active, probably good day for temp basal. Never think of for daytime. Ever temp basal ++some%? Need look into decrease normal basal for summer, then do ++temp basal for lazy summer day. Think now if too much basal, eventually person grow fat from life-saving Starbursts/Gogo Squeeze. Better –temp basal. If only little bit easier. Hard imagine Bubs become fat.



  1. Sara · June 24, 2012

    Oh the listserv… the adults with type 1 have many jokes about that listserv…


    • Katy · June 25, 2012

      Because T1 parents are so annoying?


  2. Eileen · June 25, 2012

    Not like you need another suggestion but my sister swears by hypafix to keep sites on for swimming. You can buy roll on amazon. We each have a son with T1 but she is a veteran and I am a newbie. She folds in half and cuts an opening for the site. We tried with our 8 yr old for pool and it was pretty sturdy. Wouldn’t help with sand though. I am going to try compressed air for beach…genius. just came from lovely lawn concert with fireworks. Somewhere on that lawn is our accu chek multiclix, the “extra one” I had been using since I lost last one. Ugh.


    • Katy · June 25, 2012

      We haven’t yet had a problem with the site coming unglued–maybe because he is in and out of the water so much. Does the site eventually just sort of slime off?

      After I read your comment, I noticed that our favorite blue Multiclix is also jammed with sand. (Still works OK, but crunchy!)


      • Eileen · June 26, 2012

        We were having sliming issue only a few times on days he was in water a ton, so I don’t use Hypafix much but it’s cheap. Just read your post about A1C. Ugh ours is July 3rd. Dreading but still a tiny bit hopeful. We were doing pretty well then that damn honeymoon had to go & end, giving us crappy & consistent highs. I read that average honeymoon is 6 mos. so thought I would start worrying about that in 2 mos. & we would cruise thru it/ become such experts we would not even notice the end. In real life I dragged my kids to laundromat because dryer broke, get on case of son with T1 for mopey attitude, test him, find he’s 450. Change site, correct, hour later 428. Those are times that haunt my A1c dreams!


  3. Reyna · June 25, 2012

    R u slapping in the plug thingy that animas puts in the box? I found out the hard way that u have 2 use those at the beach or site clogs. Ugh. Glad 2 c u are having fun!


  4. Katy · June 25, 2012

    Reyna, I haven’t used the anti-sand clips because I take everything I read as medical advice, and I think Kerri said those clips are useless. I should sue her for malpractice. Or whoever it was! They’ll hear from my lawyers. I’ll try the clip the next time we go. I’m also going to bring compressed air and a roll of opsite tape.


  5. shannon · June 27, 2012

    love the pics, especially the rolling in the sand one.

    we are renting a car in fla! which means we can totes go on burrito runs together (do you know of a SPECIFIC a-list burrito, or is it just wishful thinking?). and hit up the grosh together if you forget anything.

    isn’t that an AMAZING feeling, when he managed that low and ran back into the water? such relief and calmness, for the moment. phew!


    • Katy · June 27, 2012

      I don’t know of any burritos to eat down there, I was just imagining how heartbreaking it would be to eat banquet-type food while everyone else zipped off for big goopy nachos and margaritas.


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