Doing it

Look! I’m doing it! Isn’t it nice how right on the front screen it says what’s happening instead of being all vague and useless?

10PM: 80, few slurps milk. 11PM: 188, think whoa that milk potent! 2AM: 77. Bigfoot Spouse give slurp milk. 3AM: 70. Fern. Check notebook–spouse not indicate how much milk, but Bigfoot pretty sure heard kitchen noise hour ago. Think whoa, milk not working.

So Bigfoot doing it. Temp basal! First program -50%. Leave. Then think why so tentative? Then go back program -100%. Leave. Then think isn’t there something about the site becoming occluded if it’s set to zero? Then go back, program -90%. For one hour. -95% not possible. Was so drowsy, now so eager see what happen. What # Santa bring me?

Meanwhile, in comment on different post, kind person address exactly this issue! Temp basal alone wrong—carb snack required. Can’t expect temp basal alone fix if already dwindling down toward 60. Temp basal not lift BG for 1.5 hours, approx. Retest: 65. Always pay take advice reasonable-seeming internet person.

7g carbs. Hard know if pouring milk into storage box inside Bubs’s head or Bubs actually drink. Glass empty. Bubs say thank you, Mama. Should we brush my teeth? Hug? Goodnight. Sort of awake. Extend temp basal -90% full hour. Now until 5AM. Try again, Santa.

4AM: Hey! Leighann up too. Q 72 at 3AM! Too bad not obsessively chronicle strategy, would like try copy.

4:30AM: 97. Thank Cow. Temp basal -90% til 5AM. Bigfoot call that permission—>sleep.



  1. shannon · June 15, 2012

    YES! BABY FISTPUMP! i love that you had peeps showing up with info at just the right times.

    i’ve never heard about the 0% = occlusion thing. jeez! how are we supposed to remember all this stuff if we never learn it in the first place!


  2. Katy · June 15, 2012

    it is probably not true. i could have pulled that out of thin air. but i THINK someone told me it is better to just disconnect that to do a temp basal of 0.


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