New Impossibles

Meanwhile, this summer = 1st Diaversary. (Diarrhea!) Remember August 9th, 2011 everything impossible: puncture child with needle—>insane, inject medicine kill if make mistake OMGAYFKM?, squeezing out blood (quease), never eat w. no math except Babybel cheese (but I bake such good bread! This can not be happening.) Next level impossible: ka-chunk on infusion set (bigger needle—>new quease), fill insulin cartridge no bubbles (c’est impossible), communicate complex information to machine use only up/down arrow + OK button.

Fast forward now: Bigfoot can do all of above. ((Tip hat.)) Feel normal/normal-ish, if incompetent.

So much still feel impossible. Current list daunting:

  • Take Dexcom out of box, schedule lesson (but I really think it will hurt too much and beep too much!)
  • Bubs ride bike to school alone or with goofball child/no adult hoverer
  • Bubs carry sugar meter + Sweetarts on own person
  • Teach 1 – 2 grandparents glucagon
  • Read Animas manual* (big spiral-bound one)
  • Read Pumping Insulin
  • Learn combo-wave thing like Joe
  • Feel OK w. no sleep

Other big difference since August 2011. THEN: Are you kidding me? Why would I want to be around a bunch of diabetic people? NOW: How many days until the conference? (ANSWER = 22.)



  1. Reyna · June 12, 2012

    Your list is impressive…as well as how far you have come in a VERY short amount of time. Pat yourself on the back BFoot Katy. As for the Type 2/Type1 stuff it is so hard for adults to understand let alone children. AND…you can let Bubs know that Type 2 is more genetically linked than Type 1. People are always amazed by that fact…because they think it is all diet and activity.

    Joe has been riding his bike a few streets over…or in line skating a few streets over without his “hoverer” (aka me) for a year now. It has worked out fairly well. Good LUCK! xo


    • Katy · June 12, 2012

      I feel like I don’t have any of the moves. I don’t have the intuition for what’s going to happen. I almost did a reduce-basal-by-some-percentage last night, but I chickened out.


  2. shannon · June 15, 2012

    omg IBHO made me scratch my head then crack up. confused at first by ricky martin/ritchie havens combo but then it all came together in a hilarious fashion. protip: probably don’t say bomba around TSA officials anyway.

    i am in shock and awe over your #2 since i am just this year feeling comfortable with that. mad props to you, yo. like reyna said, you’ve come so far!

    i think you handled the type 1/2 convo just right.

    ps my hair already look like the upper right babybel.


    • Katy · June 15, 2012

      you know what that is, that’s me thinking ricky martin sings bailar bailar la bomba. which now i of course realize he does not. i’m thinking: gypsy kings? by which i mean: los lobos. now i need to unpack ritchie havens. i have no idea. no idea=same in spanish!


  3. shannon · June 15, 2012

    AHAHAH i knew what song you meant! ritchie havens is the dude who originally sang la bamba. OH WAIT, NO HE ISN’T! THAT WAS RITCHIE VALENS! RICHIE HAVENS WAS THE DUDE WHO SANG MOTHERLESS CHILD AT WOODSTOCK. no wonder i never got a spot on rock ‘n roll jeopardy!

    oh boy are we a pair. i blame it on diminished brain capacity for music trivia based on sleep loss. that’s legit, right?


  4. Katy · June 15, 2012

    but i *never* knew a lot about music, and you are the founder of a zine about sublime. did i get the band right?


  5. shannon · June 15, 2012

    ahahah (i know i’m typing that a lot but i seriously am laughing my head off over here. you should see my cat).

    sublime is no more or less embarrassing than the actual band, so let’s just go with that. 😉


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