Numbers + Ping Pong cookies

Not so good diabetes control when Bigfoot start and end day spooning frozen lemonade Bubs’s mouth. In bed. Guess new basal rate high enough. High enough+. On pos. side, Minute Maid frozen lemonade= perfect for treat lows for child too tired chew + dislike juice.

Last night heaven. Asleep face down on top of duvet, fully dressed 8:15PM. Awake 8:30 IN MORNING (under duvet + in nightie!). Bigfoot ask for time (it 8:30AM!) leap from bed, so eager look in mirror. Minor disappoint. Still eye bags. That OK.

For the record, I married a much older man.

Thursday evening throw Bigfoot Spouse low-effort Birthday Ping Pong Party with Beer and After School Snacks. Subtext that invitation: we like you and want to see you and we want to play ping pong, but please keep your expectations extremely low for the food. Famous cookie baker arrive w. huge platter ping pong paddle/ball cookies; physics teacher arrive w. charcuterie; librarian 1 arrive w. fancy cheeses/crackers, gourmet pizzas, record albums; librarian 2 arrive w. blueberry lemon cake; other persons bring nice food/Bigfoot too self-absorb notice or thank; Bigfoot place store-bought Chex Mix in bowl. Regardless low effort, so tiring. Next day can barely stand up, barely think straight for describe Baccarat crystal champagne flutes. (Best sentence of day: Made in France.)

After eye bag check, review #s. Bedtime 121. 12AM 132. 1AM 117. 8AM 122. Not believe such numbers possible! Maybe everything perfect now forever.



3 responses to “Numbers + Ping Pong cookies

  1. NICE…ON THE BAGS. Mine never go away either. It took the past 5+ years to get used to my new “LOOK” that accompanies my new “NORMAL”. 🙂


  2. OH HI! thanks for the bloggy shoutout strikethrough! i didn’t know about the fb page so i joined up even though i’m rarely on there. one more thing to not do!

    love the idea of a ping pong party! lol @ much older spouse! hope the WBB playdate (surely too old for such a word) went well. perhaps i shall read about it in your next blog post!


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