Obtuse Liver

Pancreas out of equation, most obtuse organ in body = Bigfoot nominate liver.

For science, believe liver always release sugar but release extra sugar in growing child. Of course Bubs growing. Nine years old. But why grow increasing rate intensity each week? Every week, increase basal insulin overnight attempt balance liver sugar. Liver seem think this mean need more, more, more release sugar. Liver say here you go, here’s that more sugar you asked for. You’re welcome.

Almost whole unit/hour basal insulin 9PM-3AM now. Regardless  >200 12AM, correction, >200 2AM, correction, >200 3:30AM, mini-correction. Infuriatingly close 200 (167) 6:30AM.

Middle of night when Bigfoot turn get up check sugar, iPhone play irritating guitar riff. When Bigfoot Spouse turn get up check sugar, iPhone other side bed play irritating cricket chirp.

Guitar riff. Guitar riff. Guitar riff.

BIGFOOT SPOUSE: What’s that?

BIGFOOT: Blood sugar

BSPOUSE: You ok? Can you get up?

BFOOT: No. I want you to do it

BSPOUSE: Gets up from bed. Audible tinkling. Returns to bed.

BFOOT: What was it?


BFOOT: The blood sugar

BSPOUSE: I don’t know, babe

BFOOT: You have to do the blood sugar check


BFOOT: You must have done a correction at midnight because my alarm went off but I really don’t feel like I can stand up

BSPOUSE: Okay. (Gets up from bed. Audible beeps and clicks.) Two-sixteen

BFOOT: Rrrrrrrr. I’ll get up to recheck at 3:30

The next morning…

BSPOUSE: (Burbling with ebullient energy) I made the tea! I scalded the pot! For some reason, I think I was up at two o’clock this morning!

BFOOT: You were checking blood sugar

BSPOUSE: Oh, shit! I forgot to do it!

BFOOT: No, you didn’t. At first you thought you were just getting up to pee, but then I heard you check him and you told me a number


Seem impossible sleepyhead parent not kill child with push wrong button. So far, so good.

Last week Meri describe related syndrome: M.C.A.F. Not notice alarm. Bigfoot typically notice alarm, but not feel inspired stand up. Instead push spouse out of bed with feet and/or guilt trip. Then stay awake anyway, read Nell Freudenberger until time for next check. So tired in morning try buy peaches, beer, clean floor, wrap present, eat yogurt, write copy, drive car, walk dog, fix calendar, move clothes to dryer, put away groceries all at same time. Not so synergy. Interesting for dog though: taken for walk Target parking lot.



  1. jesicarn · May 30, 2012

    Oh, Can I just say I love this post!?! Spot on…night checks are mine, but sometimes I just absolutely cannot manage to kick my butt out of bed for the 5th time (not always that many, but on long long long nights in a row, oy!) and I swear hubbs gets up (trying to be helpful) but I have to guide him along the process…like check, cover, dose, (no, don’t put pillow in oven because you are sleepwalking!) The alarm doesn’t even wake him up, yet can manage to help me create this disctinct hate for my ‘i-tunes’ music from its annoying ‘chipper’ selection of music it plays to wake me blaring with no regards to my sleep deprived self. Never liked to be awakened by ‘ screetching/beeping’ but waking up to blaring music that is upbeat and going strong annoys me like no other when I do not feel like getting up, do not feel chipper, and sure as hell did not want to wake up…or even move for that matter!


  2. Katy · May 30, 2012

    Ooh–I need to learn how to make songs wake me up instead of noises. Although I know–as you said–it will make me hate the songs.


  3. Shani · May 31, 2012

    You do make me laugh! My Insulator is 12 and is either going through a growth spurt or hormonal, or both and his BGLs have suddenly taken off!! Happens to coincide with him coming out of ‘honeymoon’. So night checks and daytime testing has doubled. Find myself experiencing the same ‘synerygy’ that you describe – had to laugh out loud. And how good it was to laugh!!! The Insulator wakes every darn time I test him so can make daytime very tiring for both of us. Loved your description of the liver – argh!!! Feels like been riding a bucking horse and then, all of a sudden, today had to keep testing and feeding the Insulator to keep him above 5BGL !!! Been so nice to see those single digit numbers below 7, like a sweet unexpected kiss! But hey, might be riding that bucking bull again tonight….and I’ll be comforted by the fact that somewhere in this world is another mum doing just what I’m doing. 🙂


  4. Reyna · May 31, 2012

    Oh Geez! Hey…may I ask what insulin you are pumping? I know that we used to use Humalog and Joe started having similar issues…Switched to Apidra and things have been much smoother. I forget why, but many people have had issues pumping Humalog. Novalog and Apidra haven’t had pumping issues that I am aware of. xo Katy…hope you guys get some sleep soon.


    • Katy · May 31, 2012

      I love this suggestion. It would be so dreamy if this would improve.


  5. shannon · May 31, 2012

    omg the mental image of the liver making cookies with a shucks attitude and leaving a mess was perfection. PERFECTION, I SAY.

    i sometimes have the same struggles with overnight checks/decisions. my friend makes apps for a living and he recently told me about one they made for nursing moms who might forget which side they nursed on in the middle of the night, so it’s like a reminder? i thought something like that might help us zombie parents when it’s 4:30 and we’re trying to remember what we did at 2am etc etc. of course we need to make it out of bed in the first place.


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