6g CHO Paean Nettie: KETTLE CORN

The trouble with small-batch popcorn sold at the farmer’s market: the free sample is so tasty everyone buys it. To sell it in a legit market, Nettie has to label it with her ingredients. Then everyone knows how to make it.

Pawtucket Farmer’s Market, purchase Nettie’s Kettle Corn SUGAR FREE. So delicious, also low-carb, also pass for fun snack. Nettie make w. Splenda. Bigfoot bravely attempt make w. stevia. It work. This Bigfoot recipe Stevia Kettle Corn. Not put kind Nettie out of business, but tasty.

Get popcorn from Whole Foods bulk bin. Cost approximately zero. If lumpy salt only type available ton chez toi, grind w/ mortar and pestle.

The choice ingredients, minus coconut oil + stevia packs

Stevia Kettle Corn: Heat coconut oil (or ghee or whatever high heat oil) in a big dutch oven. Use enough oil to slick the bottom of the pan. Pop 1/2 cup popcorn kernels in there with 2 stevia packs sprinkled all over (and with the lid on). (Or pop that much popcorn however by the normal method of your household.) Sprinkle on a bunch of micro-fine salt and toss it all around. Pour it into a huge bowl. Measure out 2 cups for your diabetic person. That’s 12g CHO. When cool, you can bag- or lidded bowl-up 1c portions and label them with cute paper tape: 6g CHO.

As a community service, the cook traditionally eats the burned bottom (if available.) Now that we count carbs, I find I sometimes confuse carbs with calories. This is so low calorie! Actually, it’s not. I did not calculate the calories in this. It is probably a lot because of the generous oil.

Bigfoot have problem control kettle corn consumption. Work out better if make for children, then sit different room.



  1. cbwinchild · May 22, 2012

    Cost approximately zero.
    ton chez toi,
    ~some of my favorite bits.


  2. shannon · May 23, 2012

    there are at least three kitchen-tool-type items you listed here that i do not own. martha stewart, i am not. but i do admire your DIY prowess!!


    • Katy · May 23, 2012

      thank you! it is a recipe for sprinkling popcorn with salt and stevia, i realize upon reflection.


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