Diabetes Blog Week #6: snapshots (paper tape + notes)

I am perpetually afraid I will forget to do something. I leave notes for myself everywhere on the kitchen counter. Most of them are jumbles of numbers. I am sorry I ripped your birthday card in half to make scrap paper.

Paper (washi?) tape used to be available only via Japanese specialty boutique and Curatorium, but now there’s paper tape at Target! Paper tape adheres much better than post-it notes for jars/fridge/wall/door/lunchbox containers. Also, it peels off easily and leaves no ick behind. AND it comes in cute colors/patterns. Don’t forget to include that extra 0.5 carbs per cookie or everything will be terrible! Paper tape!


For your own copy of Frequently Asked Carbs, send a SASE to 19 Martin Avenue, Barrington, Rhode Island. This comprehensive list includes everything diabetes parents need to know about nutrition: pasta, oatmeal, a rice cake with banana and peanut butter, the weight (20g) of a T of maple syrup (14g carbs), and a little bit more! Fits on one 4 x 6″ scrap paper.



  1. shannon · May 23, 2012

    paper tape! where has it been all my life? my kid will LOVE that! also, why haven’t i done a FAQ carb page? its genius is its simplicity!


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