It Diabetes Blog Day #1: Find Friend

Happy Diabetes Blog Week! It Day One. Theme = Find Friend. What if no one choose Bigfoot for friend? That OK. Kind of new here. Worse: what if someone think Bigfoot will certainly choose for friend, and Bigfoot not choose? Also, Bigfoot probably only choose very obvious blog, not secret undiscovered treasure. This topic a minefield of potential social injury. Part of Bigfoot think must be misunderstand topic. Et alors…

Bigfoot recommend create diabetes-safe commune with


Shannon <—bring experience, so funny, make Bigfoot feel sane: Oh and I also told him to come by and pick up some ketone strips if he wanted to. Because I just can’t leave it at pizza party advocacy; I have to take it to the maybe-you-should-pee-on-a-stick-to-make-sure-you’re-not-gonna-go-into-DKA level.

ZDub <—not sure but might be professional bartender: by the time I got back to my desk it was 11 p.m. and who can even remember what I was going to tell you in the first place. So I paid the water bill online, read some TMZ, researched learning to knit (so I can open an etsy shop selling squirrel sweaters), and then I went to bed.

Reyna <—acid-funny, plus actual RN I wanna stand in the middle of the Four Square square with the ball as my hostage and I wanna say some things to these little kids like “do you know how lucky you are to be able to eat crackers from a box …. or chips from a bag … or cookies from a sleeve?”

Queen <—serious smart, thoughtful, know what doing, balance (from my top 10 things that I appreciate about diabetes) 9a.  our visits to the pediatric endocrinologist at our children’s hospital every three months give me a reason to take a day off of work and spend it with Madeline


Amelia + Wonderdog<—young woman inspire Bigfoot, so good explain T1 experience, also have adorable + smart hypoglycemia awareness dogs When I was a kid people would see me taking a shot or testing my blood or they’d see my insulin pump and they would ask my mom “what’s wrong with her?” My mom, being the wonderful mother that she is, wouldn’t let that rude way of asking about my diabetes fly.  Her response would always be “nothing.  Nothing is wrong with her.”

Kerri<—no one not know Kerri. Kerri interesting balance of IS A MOMMY + IS ACTUAL DIABETIC PERSON. Videos perfect for inspire T1 child Immediately, I wanted to swing mine over my head like a lasso and say “OMG lady, me too!!!” I’ve had this feeling before, of wanting to sidle up next to someone and say, “I like your pump; want to see my pump?”

Martin<—sassy + fun man, make T1 experience feel fully horrible yet manageable same time And by the way, this is my blog post, and I call it Nutella, not Noo-tella…because there’s a freaking “nut” in it. YPONMV. (Your pronunciation of Nutella may vary.)

Moments of Wonderful<— T1 woman diagnosed as adult! Thorough. Clear. Fun  I even write love poems and design “Keep Calm” posters to display my love of the lancing device.



  1. Kerri. · May 14, 2012

    Thank you for including me in your list … Bigfoot. 🙂


  2. Katy · May 14, 2012

    Bigfoot know SUM need publicity, maybe make it big one day.
    : )


    • ZDub · May 14, 2012



    • Sara · May 15, 2012

      Haha!! This is why I LOVE your blog!!!


  3. shannon · May 14, 2012

    “This topic a minefield of potential social injury”


    and guess what? there is totally one blog on your list i’ve not heard of before, so there! (spoiler alert: it’s not kerri’s. i call her the gateway blog to the DOC. have i already made that lame joke before? well enjoy it again, won’t you?)


  4. Katy · May 14, 2012

    I enjoy the gateway line so much, I’m afraid I might accidentally use it as my own. It feels just right in my brain.


    • shannon · May 14, 2012

      feel free to use it as your own, any time. 🙂


      • Katy · May 14, 2012

        beautiful and generous too!


  5. ZDub · May 14, 2012

    P.S. You are my friend. Actually I could have just written my entire post around you, but felt creepy/awkward/weird.


    • Katy · May 14, 2012

      me too, me too! the commune is going to be super-creepy.


  6. Leo · May 15, 2012

    Everything about this make me feel tall and young, with big smiles full of teeth. Diabetes Blog Week infinitely improved now.


    • Katy · May 15, 2012

      OMG Leo, me too! My pump! My pump! I’m swinging it like a lasso.


  7. Sara · May 15, 2012

    I “may” have texted Kerri when I saw that you included me on your list! Your blog is at the top of my must-read list.

    I switched pumps to a Ping about the same time Bigfoot child started on his. It’s been fun to watch us figure it all out together!


    • Katy · May 15, 2012

      Thanks, Sara! I love learning to Ping alongside you.


  8. aaeschwiebert · May 16, 2012

    Thank you for including wonder dog(s) and I on you list! I’m glad you liked that excerpt you picked- I hoped that post was good for parents to read.


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