This morning Bigfoot read this smart take on Facebook relationships. It all ring very true, esp. boarding school dormitory feeling of Facebook coterie. DOC kind of like dormitory feeling too—thrilling banter as if find community of women all raped by same asshole, JD*.

Now Bigfoot remember thing from 1980s: boarding school roommate diabetic. Not remember girl name, but remember roommate need keep mini-fridge in room for insulin/Diet Coke, not apologize but kindly say know it take up space in way-too-tiny room but Bigfoot welcome store beverages in mini-fridge. Mini-fridge also useful for ladder up to top bunk.

Young Bigfoot so disappoint.  Not like have sick roommate, even if get special privilege of chilled in-room beverages. Also roommate from Arizona, wanted roommate from Connecticut. Short and dark, wanted skinny and blonde, pref. deadhead w/ crocheted beret + hackysack. Also this roommate so many clothes, barely any room left in closet. And not cute clothes–more like Talbots when correct brand Bennetton and Laura Ashley.

Bigfoot not learn a blip about diabetes, not care, only think one more characteristic why this roommate a dud. Spend most of time in room down hall, singing along Squeeze Singles 45s and Under/practicing TM with cross country team/failing Chemistry/falling apart.

Filled with regret. Apologies, nameless roommate. (Must have been so happy day when cold-hearted Bigfoot drop out, move away!)

Meanwhile, Bubs pretty fairly somewhat OK #s all day yesterday—one low at school, a little high 12:30AM and 3AM, but so many nice sights: 100, 116, 97, 78, 123, all the hits. So improve over past few wretched days. Think good dose program in pump for moment, huge relief. Thank dormitory friend, 3D friend, DOC/Facebook friend. Grateful so many smart, kind people in world.

*Who think good idea name baby boy Juvenile Diabetes? No wonder become criminal.



  1. cbwinchild · April 28, 2012

    why i no know you went boarding school?!?!


  2. shannon · April 30, 2012

    so many laughs at so much inappropriateness, i am so grateful to kerri for showing me the way to your blog.

    isn’t that weird how you didn’t remember about your roommate until just now? my husband’s old boss was a diabetic and he was always falling out from low BGs, with john left to shovel the sugar into his face in front of customers, but he didn’t remember that until recently.


    (what is TM and why were you practicing it with x country? ticketmaster? time management? something far more nefarious and thus the abbrev?)

    ALL THE HITS! like on a squeeze greatest hits album, one might say. those are some very rad numbers indeed, glad you had them, man!


  3. Katy · April 30, 2012

    transcendental meditation! i was no good at it–i spent the whole time trying to think of new mantras. the boy i liked told me i should just settle on something bland like “peace.” i kept trying to use preposterous things and overcome them–like banana. now i know that in TM the teacher is supposed to provide a hindu mantra. if only i’d had that, maybe i wouldn’t have contracted the diabetes.


    • shannon · April 30, 2012

      oh of course! how very hep your new englandy boarding school was! at my boarding school (in old england) the closest we ever got to TM was…i can’t even come up with anything remotely near to such an endeavor! we just got up to a lot of no good, is all!

      lol banana.


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