Hobby Times w/ Granola

Small Puritan gentleman inside Bigfoot head command productivity during insomnia times. Bigfoot not able concentrate write copy for fancy camera 3:47AM. That why develop several (so so quiet, not disturb family) hobby:

  • Jennifer Lawrence Eyeliner Application 101
  • Goji granola baking
  • North Korea independent study (after this book, this book)
  • Sort out idea for discuss Coro Center personnel re wretched blood sugar anti-pattern:

It has been three days since we last adjusted Bubs’s basal rates and bolus ratios. Since then, his numbers have not improved. He is still going high overnight. After correction, he remains high for hours, then goes too low. Yesterday was typical:

4PM: 73. 45g snack. 2.55u

7PM: 375. 58g. 3.85u + 2.55u correction

8:30PM: 308. (3.5u IOB=no correction)

12AM: 59. 15g

12:20AM: 161

3AM: 57. 15g

3:30AM: 100

4AM: 128

5AM: 116 OK.

Sketchy hypothesis: not enough insulin with food + ISF of 1:100 should be 1:75?

On bright side, granola** smell amazing. Sleepy Bigfoot heavy hand pour maple syrup.

**Granola formula: 6c rolled oats + 8 oz. sliced almonds + 8 oz. micro-shredded coconut + 1 tsp. salt (combine on jellyroll pan.) Oven 325. Melt together: 6T coconut oil, 3/4c maple syrup, 1 tsp. vanilla. Drizzle this  over oats on jellyroll pan, massage around to combine evenly. Bake 15 minutes, stir. Bake 15 minutes, stir. Bake 15 minutes, stir. Etc. until all toasty golden brown. When store opens, buy Goji berries and throw in. One million carbs per serving.



  1. ZDub · April 27, 2012

    Do you ever sleep? GAH


    • Katy · April 27, 2012

      I do, I do, I probably sleep more than a normal mother but when I DON’T sleep, I make sure to mention it quite a few times.


  2. Today, Linda · April 27, 2012

    Hi Katy. Linda, aka earthling here. So basal tuning is a constant in my life as I’ve been in pre, peri, or full on f**ing menopause ever since I can remember = endless hormonal basal shifting. For what it’s worth (your call) here is my on-the-ground gravel-road potential adjustment guess based on Bubs data :

    A) 1 click (.025u/hr, right?) down in whatever basal is at 2 pm.
    B) 5 – 8 pm, make new higher rate, maybe 2-3, even 4 clicks higher (everyone is awake through these hours, right? So can watch) increase gradually till #’s smooth out.
    C) 8pm (maybe 8:30) – 12am, drop basal down, maybe 3,4 clicks.
    D) 12am – 3:30am drop basal a few clicks more – Many diabetics have their way lowest rate, close to none, through these hours.
    E) 3:30am on, basal is good as you have it set.

    The idea is that if you see a bad number, high or low, look back 2-3 hours for the rogue basal rate. OR, you could try adjusting his I:C rate (1 unit covering fewer carbs = more insulin for a meal) from 4pm-dinnertime. Screen 7 in settings,advanced has the I:c settings. But you’ll still need to drop his basal 8pm-12am I am guessing. Good luck and apologies if I’m out of line sharing such thoughts.


    • Katy · April 27, 2012

      This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for! BUT THEN TODAY HE HAD 90’s and 116’s ALL DAY. So I am changing nothing for the moment. I so very much appreciate you thinking this through with me. For me.

      Could it be I just do shitty site changes? And they initially are full of air (but I purge! I fill the cannula! Two Ns or one?) and then when we correct because he’s high, the air is gone and he goes low from the big juicy blast?

      There is no daytime number sexier than a 91 and no nighttime number better than a 118.


      • Linda · April 28, 2012

        In the pursuit of fewer variables, I use a metal needle type set – Contact D or whatever. You prime all the way through till it drips BEFORE insertion, so no “fill cannula” (2 n’s, I’m thinking?). Not sure what sort of cannula Bubs uses, but there are so GD many variables with pumping/diabetes that if he’s good today, Praise Jesus and hold your cards. I know everyone wants your son at “normal” BG readings, but, if you can keep him between 110 and 150 it’s a total coup. Be grateful he’s a boy in that girls have varying basal rates for Day 1 through ovulation, ovulation till 2days pre-period, then a literally stunning drop in insulin requirement at PERI-F*ing-OD as in 5 severe lows in a row, probably at night, till now ding-y diabetic girl thinks ohhhh…. maybe less basal??. Not sure how “growing up” affects boy basal rates, but if groupthink appeals to you, join Tudiabetes and ask questions. Everyone and their dog will give personal experience and potentially useful advice. You’re doing great by the way.


      • Katy · April 28, 2012

        Metal needle set. Huh? I didn’t know we had options. I have Animas 2.0 mL cartridges and Unomedical Inset30 body badge things (w/ cannula.) How do you not have to fill the 1/4″ of microtube that goes into your body? I need to know. I have so much to learn. I’ll go on Tudiabetes. Thanks for the tip! (Tips!)


    • Linda · April 28, 2012

      Yeah. Well, with metal needle sets, the part that goes into your skin is a very skinny stainless steel needle, 6mm long is the shortest which is pretty short. And it stays there (bad part – wearing a thumb tack). But to avoid random bumps to the site I put a Dr. Scholl’s callous protector circle (like a donut) over it. You got it here first.
      There is another brand with an even shorter needle for kids – Orbit Micro, I think it’s called, which is cooler because the tubing is blue and rotates 360 around the site as needed. With either, you prime till the needle drips and then pop it in manually. Done. I tried orbits but they sometimes gave me “occlusion” warnings from ping, so I gave them up. If they fixed that I’d prefer them.

      I use metal because if I use the plastic cannulas, the site gets red and itchy and swollen in 2 days. And when I change it, there’s a big welt that takes weeks to heal. With metal I see none of this. And the cannula never kinks.

      Hey i got mailed off to Concord Academy in ’67! No one gave ME a personal fridge though. WTF??


    • shannon · April 30, 2012

      i was all delighted to read your very specific reccomendations, then i got to your second comment about the way all this shiz effs with puberty-age girls even more (which i already knew, obvs) and i just got all deflated. fucking diabetes, man.

      (but really, thanks for sharing your experiences here!)


  3. stacey · April 28, 2012

    Something to consider, if you’re not doing it already, is to subtract grams of fiber from carbohydrate totals. Also, are you using extended boluses for high fat foods?


    • Katy · April 29, 2012

      Fiber I do, but extended boluses for high fat foods…I don’t know how to figure out. I know that someone showed me that feature on the pump, but said, “This is way too complicated for now.” There should be a pizza button on the pump, like how there’s a popcorn button on most microwaves.


  4. shannon · April 30, 2012

    i just read your readings and times aloud to my fam and we all said simultaneously THAT SOUNDS FAMILIAR, which probably doesn’t help at all, except to let you know you’re not alone in such scenarios. also, that million carb granola sounds delish!


    • Katy · April 30, 2012

      That DOES make me feel better. I slept through the night last night. He woke up at 68, feeling fine. I’d love to know what happened overnight. I need to renew my vows with 12AM + 3AM. The sleep was delicious.


      • shannon · April 30, 2012

        isn’t it amazing how much more HUMAN you feel after several hours of uninterrupted sleep? it almost defies description!


      • Katy · May 1, 2012

        ahh. sleep. how did we ever have babies? diabetes is like the world’s least lovable, most dictatorial newborn baby.


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