Pump House

The colorful tubes in the distance are slides! Really big slides.

Bubs survive Pump House! Bigfoot use Smart Liz strategy of disconnect up to one hour at time, test BG/reconnect for snack/bolus, disconnect up to one hour, repeat forever or until water park close for day.

Why this work? Bigfoot think no basal insulin kind of like hold breath. However, somehow no basal insulin OK. Energy still get to cells. But why? No one know. (That not true, only Bigfoot + maybe couple other people not know.) Bubs experience energy galore. Swim lazy river upstream. Laugh, run around, play water basketball, etc. Pause for strawberry daiquiri (Bigfoot estimate 80g carbs w/ assist from Calorie King T.G.I. Friday menu index), get pumped up, play more, more, more.

Smart Liz strategy not just work, but work better than not disconnect. Lantus times, Bubs always dip too low while swim. Disconnect pump = suspend basal insulin 100%; BG# still dip, Bubs still need uncovered carby snacks, but not so dramatic as Lantus times. And even though Animas pump waterproof, seem better disconnect for social reasons (maybe onlooker curious eye bother Bubs?), physical reasons (maybe pump get in way/feel weird while swim?), financial reasons (if lose pump, insurance not cover cost). Better for health too = BONUS.

While Bubs out of sight, Bigfoot fairly worried. Remember where meet up if feel low? What if collapse? Lifeguard stationed every ten feet. Pump House lifeguard sport reassuring Vermont look–unlike standard Rhode Island lifeguard, Vermont lifeguard no chewing gum, no hair product, attentive = ready leap in, save life. But Bubs’s medical ID bracelet obscured by Pump House admission and surf machine injury lawyer-waiver bracelet. Pretty soon realize there’s nothing I can do. Not possible stay right by side—not a 4-year-old.

Pump break at the bar w. daiquiri

Decide instead read excellent book about North Korea (David Sedaris recommend in Book Review). Very absorb. Bigfoot recommend this strategy for water park: pick meet-up place. Show child this place. Tell child stop by for BG check every five slides/loops lazy river or if feel low. Stay in place/read North Korea book. If staying-put parent have to pee, too bad. Stay in place. If really have to pee, almost peeing pants because water slide trickle noises everywhere, visit bathroom but leave all items at meet-up place: phone, wallet, pump, glucometer, brightly colored beach bag—this way dying child not assume abandon forever, maybe even test own blood sugar, eat Spree, live.

It may seem Bigfoot ignore older child. That completely true! This trip Jack mostly snowboarding on slushy warm April Vermont snow, Bigfoot Spouse mostly teach snowboarding, Bubs mostly swim, Bigfoot mostly read North Korea book. All meet up at end of day watch Survivor on big hotel TV, sheets so soft/high thread count, collapse.



  1. Liz Boucher · April 21, 2012

    Thanks for the shout out! While “Smart Liz” is not nearly as great a moniker as “Tennessee Glamazon” I will sure take it. I am glad that worked out for you. I am sure I learned bits of it from another mom just trying to cobble together a way to make life happen.


  2. Katy · April 21, 2012

    You’re a good cobbler.


  3. Shani Henderson · April 21, 2012

    Dear BigFoot, interesting to read how nervous you get about Bubs when you can’t see him. Feel the same with my boy. Often worry that I’m just paranoid. Your comments help me feel ‘normal’. My Bubs was diagnosed a year next month. Do you do anything on the anniversary? Not sure what to do. Don’t just want to ignore it. Also, would really appreciate some advice on what do you do when it just seems all too much…ie. My Bubs really struggling with the endless injecting. So hard to watch him struggle. Can’t swallow enough to keep my sadness down.


    • Katy · April 22, 2012

      Our 1st D-versary will be August 9th this year, so I hope you’ll tell me what you decide to do! We were at the Boston Museum of Science when we realized we needed to go to the ER that day, so maybe we will go back there and try to have fun…? Or invite our wealthiest friends and relatives over for a JDRF fundraiser…? In terms of the struggle, I have no advice but to read diabetes blogs. That’s really all I’ve got. I’m sorry you feel so sad. It is all so sad.


  4. Sara · April 22, 2012

    Can I go on your next vacation with you? I may be an adult but I love waterparks! Do I get any bonus points for having the same pump as Bubs?


    • Katy · April 22, 2012

      A lot of adults were enjoying the Pump House! Do you live in New England? It is worth the one million-hour drive.


    • Katy · April 22, 2012

      And I can mail you a coupon for one free admission!


  5. shannon · April 24, 2012

    smart liz is v. smart indeed. also, i must say i am in awe of your clearly superior SWAGability. you killed it on the daquari sitch, way to go, man!

    also, it seems you’re a much faster learner than i was when it comes to the whole “there’s nothing i can do – my kid isn’t 4” aspect of things. every time you let them run free, it gets slightly easier for you, and it’s giving them that independence that they need so desperately.

    we’re huge survivor fans over here, who are you guys rooting for?


    • Katy · April 24, 2012



      • shannon · April 24, 2012

        AHAHAH OMFG I THOUGHT THIS WAS HILARIOUS, then you had to ruin it by admitting it was an accident. ACCIDENTAL HILARITY. we loved heejun too, in case it’s not obvs by the allcapsplosion.


  6. Katy · April 24, 2012

    Wrong show! I am rooting for the beautiful emaciated white woman, I think her name is Kim. Jack likes Troyzan. Bubs just hates Alicia and everyone else is neutral. And you?

    Thanks for being so nice to me.

    With the letting them run free…I have been wanting Bubs to have his own tester + sugar on him at school. Our school nurse thinks that’s OK, with some concern for school policy re body fluids. But our endo nurses think this is too much responsibility for a 3rd grader (or anyone under 12) and that kids under 12 should concentrate on school while adults worry about diabetes for them. I think that’s a lovely idea, but since he can’t really park the diabetes with a babysitter while he learns 6×6=36, maybe I should push for him to have D-tools on his person. WHAT TO DO?


    • shannon · April 24, 2012

      my kid was diagnosed in the 4th grade, so it’s slightly different, but here’s how we handle it.

      she carries her tester/sugar with her at all times while at school. she tests herself in the classroom if she feels low. in the 4th grade, there was a dedicated table at the back of the class with a cafeteria tray (to address the fluid issue) where she tested. in 5th grade she entered middle school and thus changed classrooms every 40 mins. rather than having a lunch tray in every room, she just tests discreetly at her desk. many times her teacher and classmates don’t even realize she is doing so.

      i understand where the endo nurses are coming from, but every child has different needs, and if bubs prefers to carry stuff with him, i see it more as an opportunity to experience independence rather than a burden of D management. it would seem to be more of a burden to a 3rd grader to have to leave the playground during recess to test in the nurse’s office, rather than just doing it himself on the spot.

      as with nearly everything D related, our family’s approach has been to follow the kid’s lead.


  7. Katy · April 24, 2012

    My choice is for Kim over Chelsea because I like it when beautiful people are flat-chested/no boob job.


    • shannon · April 24, 2012

      kim always seems to have the most magnificent hair days, even in the thick of all that disgustingness. and i so agree with the natural beauty. my daughter calls boob jobs “bags of water” as in, “it looks like that woman has bags of water in her chest” ahahahah. i gotta say i’m not a fan of troyzan, mainly because he seems so chauvinistic, but surely that goes right over jack’s head anyway. we really liked jonah but he was gone before his time. so really our fave for entertainment value has to be tarzan. that guy is one of a kind.

      it would have been hilar to see heejun on survivor though.


  8. Katy · April 24, 2012

    Also Sabrina. They don’t show her much though–I think she’s too self assured to get much air time.


    • shannon · April 24, 2012

      i agree, she’s not cuckoo enough for lots of airtime!


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