Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Macho, macho man.

Bedtime skinny white naked boy dance around, so immodest. Feel like Village Person live Bigfoot home because not 100% naked—teeny-tiny insulin pump fanny pack on all of time. Black. Same width Village Person arm band. When well-placed, Spibelt pretty much cover loins area. Almost good enough costume 6th Village Person: Construction, Cowboy, Police, Indian, Nipple Fetish Prostitute, Juvenile Diabetes.

Tomorrow = Easter. Chocolate bunny, Cadbury Miniegg pack, Cadbury Creme Egg, Cadbury Caramel Egg. Not equivocate. Not worry about candy/no candy. Only difference this year: skip jelly bean/peep BS, focus all chocolate.

Yesterday= Passover. Try calculate carbs for irregular shards matzoh. Now try matzoh farfel-base toffee square. Basically a compressed Samoa? Now toffee square maker friend say my dad is diabetic–so I understand about the carbs–he used to have to take insulin but he weaned himself off of it…this person so nice but Bigfoot wish stop…He has diabetic arteries, and I can’t count the number of times he has been in a coma…here Bigfoot become automaton, say I know I should want to know about this, but I can’t bear to hear about it right now. Cut off. Very rude. Friend try commiserate, total shut down. Hope understand.

Impossible: rosy Spibelt-wearing Village person in coma, bad artery. Impossible imagine Jack elderly also. Painful imagine child elderly, tube up nose, hospital gown, hairy ears, diabetic/not diabetic. Want children always rosy cheek, smooth skin, lacrosse stick, twinkle eye. Please not tell diabetes parent bad thing elderly relative. All children, if live long life, become elderly/bony/bad artery/kidney transplant/dead.




  1. Shani Henderson · April 8, 2012

    HI BigFoot, yeah what is it with people that they need to talk about their relatives who have all kinds of diabetic complications…bit like when I was pregnant the first time and people just wanted to endlessly tell me thier bad labout stories – argh!!!! Good on you for getting them to stop. Happy Easter. Had to weigh my boy’s chocolate bunny and take insulin but he loved every silky mouthful.


  2. stacey · April 12, 2012

    Having been diagnosed at 7, reading from your perspective leaves me with a new found appreciation for what my mom went through 40 years ago…albeit less technology.


  3. shannon · April 19, 2012

    i literally cackled out loud at “nipple fetish prostitute”. and i was rolling right along with you on all the easter chocolate. and then you struck me in the heart with bits about the well-meaning oversharing toffee maker. i hope they understand too. but for all of us who have been in countless similar situations, i am so glad you said something.

    it happens so often, i can only imagine that the person is grasping desperately to find a way to share a common experience, and it just never goes well. i have had TWO such conversations with acquaintances in the past week, both ending with the diabetic in question having died at a young age due to complications. WHAT THE FUCK, PEOPLE. anyway, thanks for being so bigfooty eloquent about it.

    and mad props to you for rocking the extra good diet, amongst special occasion blitz!


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