Waiting for hot chocolate at The Sunnyside. #177.

Bubs high a lot over last 24 hour. Correction bolus. Minimal effect. Maybe infusion site bad. Change site. Correction bolus. Still high. Maybe insulin bad. Change insulin. Correction bolus. Still high. Call Dr. On Call. On Call doctor say give more insulin, call in two hours if still high, maybe pump not working. No still high: 167. 167 OK.

Wake up 207. That high, and that STUPID. Bigfoot know it OK not able explain everything. Liver, broken pancreas, growth hormone, complicated ballet variables, so forth. But still: SO STUPID. Before breakfast: 184. That almost OK. 3 hours later: 306. Call Coro Center. Receptionist chuckle warm-heartedly; catch in middle of YouTube break?

Here it comes

If Bubs high, undoubtedly say feel fine. Act fine too–run around, play Lego, not seem tired/slow. Love read this—high blood sugar feeling from articulate adult perspective. Tell Bubs, “Cute Kerri with the blonde hair you know from the Expo you met her she was really nice? With the panda on the rocking horse and pretty like a princess but in jeans? She wrote an essay about how when she has high blood sugar it feels like there’s molasses* instead of blood in her veins.” Bubs: what’s molasses? You know, like in gingerbread. That slow, sticky stuff. Huh. Yeah. I guess so. Could I read it?

Does this beverage cause permanent high blood sugar?

(That incorrect. Actually sticky jam + heavy cream.)



  1. cbwinchild · April 7, 2012

    why are all teh “support” people around you not?


    • Katy · April 7, 2012

      i should be more even-handed. the people are generally fantastic. i just only say bad things about them. part of my charm!

      i have to make CBW chicken legs for B. 4C’s= cumin…coriander…cinnamon…+ __________?


  2. shannon · April 19, 2012

    catch in middle of youtube break? ahahahah

    this whole diabetes business is fucking infuriating and turns us all into extremely humorless creatures. i am thankful to people like kerri and you for making me feel less alone and like we’re all in this (usually listing off to one side or the other) boat together.


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