Fist Pump

One vanilla-Twix flurry, one kiddie size black raspberry dish.

Diabetes Memes once show baby fist pump in celebration guess restaurant meal carb # correctly.

I love you more than ever, Eskimo King

Today it happen Bigfoot. Eskimo King. Soft ice cream, Twix bars smash-whirl. How many Twix? How many ounce ice cream? Bigfoot ask clerk, clerk recommend Bubs have “Only 8” brand soft-serve It tastes just as good as—almost like—ice cream! Bigfoot try explain Bubs can eat ice cream, just need know how much, by weight, in “Flurry” + amount of Twix. Not matter if “Only 8” or normal ice cream, need know amount. So-Friendly Clerk say oh, I have no idea! Sensible Bigfoot ask, is it possible to find out? I guess I could ask the manager… Bigfoot say never mind, think the manager will say a number, and I won’t believe her anyway.

Reader, Small Flurry Eskimo King = 12 ounce Medium Blizzard Dairy Queen. This easy look up online. 96.4 carbs for DQ Oreo. Bigfoot round up: guess 100 carbs; Twix tiny hair more sugary than Oreo? Who know. Who care? Bigfoot guess correct! Or maybe guess wrong, but work out OK. Before Flurry,  #83. Two hours after,  #121.




  1. jess · April 5, 2012

    High five, fist pump, hell yeah!


  2. earthling · April 5, 2012

    Earthling wish can be Bigfoot other child have diabetes… Bigfoot smart, know how bolus happy food. Earthling just eat vegetables, egg, cheese, meat; maybe beer = best happy food. Remember/want Flurry Eskimo King same as Medium Blizzard Dairy Queen… (wonder – Eskimo King, Dairy Queen marry? Maybe parent Snow Queen, Calorie King?? Not know. Seem possible. Explain lot.). Earthling mother not know diabetes math. Earthling 16 get diabetes, do it self. Do bad job, mad job. Not learn many years. Know better now.

    Think Bigfoot very good mother. Make earthling happy see. Next life, earthling not have diabetes, but if have, want Bigfoot mother.


  3. Katy · April 5, 2012

    This is the first time anyone ever wished to be my child! Bigfoot’s child, that is. I wish we just ate vegetables, cheese, and beer. If I had any sense I’d begin steering toward that now. I am so tired. I had plantain chips and diet coke for dinner, and am now having that again for lunch. This is sad. But thank you for wanting Bigfoot for a parent. Music to my ears.


  4. shannon · April 19, 2012


    my kid calls that meme success kid but FIST PUMP BABY is way radder, so that is what i shall call it from here on out. and srsly omg YOU KILLED IT!



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