Bedtime snack

Barely remember pump lesson #2 although happen today. Do remember nurse say, “After Dr. Doughnut starts fine-tuning everything, Bubs will have different basal segments. But for now, it’s just zero point three units an hour, alllllll day long.” On paper nurse write basal dose=0.3u/hour. On data graph paper-y chart write also 0.3u/hour. Program pump together, expert watch entire time. But tonight pump say basal:

12AM 0.225

6AM 0.3

5PM 0.275

Now 11PM. Bigfoot grab self by metaphorical scrotum and reprogram basal doses: now all 0.3u. Feel very advanced. Or basal set up like that for reason unfathomable Bigfoot because so new this job? Consult spouse: do you remember doing anything with really micro-tuned numbers like 0.225 and 0.275? Nope. No remember. Only remember #0.3.

Also recall this: nurse disagree Dr. Doughnut say BS#80 OK bedtime, no eat snack. No snack because need see if drift low, low, low. That why check 12AM, 3AM. Data. After collect data, expert advise adjust basal. Nurse chuckle, “You didn’t hear it from me, but I’d give him a snack if he’s under 120.”

BIGFOOT: Hwhaht? Hmmm? Snack?

RN, CDE: I can’t…I can tell you that Dr. Doughnut thinks he doesn’t need a snack if he’s at 80. I’d be more comfortable if he was around 140 at bedtime. But you have good judgment, you’ll know what to do

BFOOT: No, I won’t. This is all new to me. I want you to tell me what to do

RN, CDE: Dr. Doughnut wouldn’t let Bubs go on the pump if she didn’t trust your judgment

BFOOT: But my judgment is telling me to ask an expert what to do if his blood sugar is 80 at bedtime tonight, so I’m asking you

RN, CDE: You’ll know what to do



  1. cbwinchild · March 24, 2012



  2. Sara · March 24, 2012

    I’m sure someone has recommended the book to you already (I may even have in a previous comment), but I highly recommend getting “Pumping Insulin”. I pumped for several years before I found it and it really helped me fine-tune my settings and made life with diabetes so much easier. You won’t find it in a bookstore (I guess we’re not that big of an audience but it’s really easy to find on Amazon.


    • Katy · March 24, 2012

      I will get it–thank you!


  3. jesicarn · March 25, 2012

    sara…I am looking into that book right now! DD has been pumping since last April, so that book will be most helpful!!!

    Katy, I am sure you will know what to do…but nothing like vague responses, eh?!?!
    Oy! Yes, the world of pumping is tremendously different, but we just absolutely love our wonderul pump…it is practically a family member ! 😉 I really do think you will go a wonderful job, because you take your son’s T1D therapy so very serious and are very vigilant. I just love reading your posts!!! I like the sense of humor twist you add to serious posts. I am pretty sure my entire family thinks I am insane, as I read I laugh…and they just stare at me.


  4. Bonni · March 25, 2012

    Bigfoot-I just found your blog from reading Kerri Morrone Sparling’s blog…I love her blog, so I clicked on the link to your blog and read every post I could on my phone at midnight. It was hilarious. I had no idea why were you speaking in actual bigfoot terms, as I had never read the books you referenced in the tab. So now I’ll be a faithful follower and read those books. I love it! My son was diagnosed 6 months ago and I crave these blogs like…candy. Thank you for doing such an usual and awesome one.


    • Katy · March 25, 2012

      Me too me too! That’s such a good way to put it. When I find a good diabetes blog I binge like it’s Cadbury Minieggs! I’m glad we found each other. Do you know Kerri? I met her yesterday (we both live in Rhode Island) and she is exactly as adorable and human in person.


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