Absent + Tardy + Hot: March 2012

Read between the lines: it’s not our fault.

March 2012 in like lion, out like hot lamb. Bigfoot not coin this expression, swipe from smart friend. March 2012 record for hot; also record for Bigfoot child miss school/arrive late. Know on verge get 2nd principal warning letter, gently remind family attend school important, try harder not be tardy.

Best part arrive late school: sign book of shame after father of little girl late every day. Book of shame require name, time, homeroom, want hot lunch yes/no, and REASON. Always late girl father offer imaginative answer, new every time: ANT ATTACK! Or ALIEN INVASION! Or SHARK BIT OFF MY LEGS! Bigfoot try best put true answer: Maternal laziness. Didn’t realize how long it would take on bikes. Overslept. Incorrigible brother. Lost shoe. Endocrinologist. Most parent leave REASON blank. That too bad. Bigfoot curious.



6 responses to “Absent + Tardy + Hot: March 2012

  1. You make me laugh…and then sadly admit we suffer from the same disease!


  2. want to be friends with father who has creative reasons.

    want you to get a tardy BYE.


  3. laura

    Guilty. I need about 30 min extra…oh..for…at least 3 times a day and for those is that a don’t-want-to-go-to-school tummy ache or about-to-vomit-and-send-Mommy-into-a-Dpanic tummy ache? (We have included in our 504 plan that D related absences and tardies cannot be counted against us.)


    • as always, glad i’m not alone. i wonder if i should pre-emptively write to the principal to ask him to not send me that letter. the more rational thing to do would be to ignore the letter.


  4. Trey Maute

    Tummy aches are very annoying and it can be caused by just about anything from hyperacidity to food poisoning. `

    <a href="Our personal blog page


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