OK Chocolate

Two good chocolate thing happen Bigfoot:

1. Dove Miniatures Variety Pack with Dark Chocolate: 6 gram carbohydrate one piece

2. Jack invent low-carb chocolate milk shake. This recipe: blender half fill ice. (Total: zero carb.) Pour in 2c unsweetened chocolate almond milk (+6g carb.) Blender on—make loose slush. (Still 6g carb.) Measure in 70g low-sugar Hershey’s syrup (11g carb per 70g syrup. 70g syrup = 2 tablespoons but easier Bigfoot measure scale, heaven forbid get extra spoon dirty.) (New total 17g carb.) Blend shit out of. Share exactly evenly with brother (no problem since already have scale on scene); drink. 8.5 gram carbohydrate per glass—call it 9. Taste like Alba Fit ‘n’ Frosty, so popular 1980s for anorexic teens. Delicious

Another kind of tubing

Pump OK too. Not bother Bubs. Spibelt arrive—fit perfectly tiny waisted person and feature buttonhole, so convenient tubing.

Chocolate, chocolate, Spibelt…other good thing: it sunny like summer day.


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  1. sweetopiagirl · March 22, 2012

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