Overhear back of car

Boys in back of car after Nerf Tag, complain one girl hog bullets/scream when other children try use.

BUBS: Do you think she has, you know…you know…I don’t know, special needs? (Say with tone most reserve for “anal fissures” or “truncated colon”)

JACK: I don’t know. Her parents won’t let her get any vaccines so maybe she’s autistic

BUBS: What?

BFOOT: Some people think vaccines have something in them that exacerbates their children’s autism

JACK: But I heard there’s no science to prove that

BFOOT: Well, parents like to figure out the reason why something has gone wrong with their children. Like how I think Bubs maybe got diabetes because he drank so much cow milk. Even though there’s not really science to prove it, I kind of think it might be true. People don’t like things to just be plain bad luck

BUBS: But it’s not like there’s something wrong with me

JACK: You have diabetes

BUBS: Yeah, but it’s not like it affects my social skills

(The end.)



  1. cbwinchild · March 19, 2012

    fucking brilliant.


  2. Katy · March 19, 2012

    BTW, this is an artful blend of a girl hoarding bullets at nerf tag + another kid who can’t get vaccines <—I James Fryed it.


  3. Angelam · March 20, 2012

    I know there are those no-vaccine people all around, I just don’t know any of them. Fascinating to take a stance like that and stick with it.


  4. Zak · March 21, 2012

    No vaccine people right over here. *raises hand*

    Also, I can’t quit fucking laughing.


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