Pump it (louder) [6x]

Did you notice something new—this? Oh, pardon me. I didn’t notice my shirt was hiked up like that.

This day end Lazer Gate party. End again car ride home, Pump It song repeat, reenact JustDance3 choreography (Fall River stoplight companion admire very impressive sight.) End again spouse miss exit, drive East Providence for bonus opportunity Pump It dance. End again drop friend off his house, sweet dog run out snuggle Bigfoot knees. End again pull in home driveway. End again realize not yet open birthday gifts. End again shower. End again realize need remove pump. End again inject Lantus. End again BS #80. End again glass of milk. End again notice never unpack lunchbox. End again dog diarrhea. End again surprise find out basketball game 8AM tomorrow, season not actually end although obtain congratulatory achievement ribbon week ago. Still in head pump it (LOUDAH!) End again BS #87. End again peanut butter cracker. Never end.

Pump It excellent theme song; this insulin pump day one. Only pump saline. One week saline. But wear pump.

Bubs love pump. Terrified cannula insertion, but get over quickly. Love pump. Want people notice, hope casual passerby might venture ask who is that young man and what is that enchanting gadget?

Bigfoot hate pump. Hate many, many feature this pump. Hate reminder/chime noise. Hate automatic return main menu if do certain move. Hate sticker for body–require improvised rigging or not adhere. Hate up-down button scroll through menu. Hate complicated fill cartridge. Hate giant needle suck in insulin. Hate flick air bubble. Hate word “tubing.” Hate acronym “ISF” thrown around as if standard expression.

Hate alleged really cool feature Animas teacher rave: Did you know about the integrated Calorie King databank? You do know the Calorie King, that great book we all love? Bigfoot hate Calorie King–immodest yellow crown, expression on face, slogan, book. It true, Animas pump have Calorie King favorite 500 Arby’s, Burger King menu item pre-programmed into EZ-carb feature—how grand! Bigfoot hate “EZ” for easy. Hate educational DVD pump demo–spokesmodel many close-up hands/pump, fingernail not even 100% clean/trim. Hate pump homework. Hate practice button punch. Hate need teach Dream Nurse use pump Monday. So soon! Hate pump.




  1. cbwinchild · March 17, 2012

    FEELIN’ your hate 😦


  2. hmqueen · March 23, 2012

    My daughter was diagnosed with T1 last March. I have not laughed about diabetes in an entire year… until I found your blog. THANK YOU. Soooo adding you to my blogroll! And yes, I hate the same Ping features that you do. Stupid calorie king. Why is it easier to find the carb count for a BK burger than a damn banana?!


  3. earthling · March 27, 2012

    Earthling not mom to diabetic child. Lucky earthling. Earthling old mom, diabetic self, raise many child, some own, some not (no skill marriage. learn slow). Bigfoot blog make earthling laugh. Laugh too much. Go get tissue. Earthling grateful. Feel better. Liking Bigfoot, Bigfoot family. Hate pump buttons too. Hate ISF. Hate basal change all time no reason no notice just drop earthling off bridge into sweaty grumpy river of eat glucose tab or die.
    Calorie King need Occupy people come camp in palace courtyard. Topple. Jump up down on dead body. Face look like all so EZ. Not EZ, Calorie King.

    Earthling wish big luck, happy days to Bigfoot family. Earthling bookmark Bigfoot blog. Say THANK YOU!!! Bigfoot.


    • Katy · March 27, 2012

      You made MY day!”Calorie King need Occupy people come camp in palace courtyard. Topple. Jump up down on dead body.” I haven’t met many people who hate the Calorie King. I’ll be happy all day now!


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