March 13th dinner at Sushi Express: I tried to give out Lego minifigures for dessert instead of birthday cake. Not recommended.

Bubs nine now. Happy Lego. Sushi Express dinner. Avocado maki. Miso soup. Green tea ice cream tempura, “9” candle, Chinese Sushi Express owner sing happy birthday song. Happy.

Today Wednesday; no school. Bubs attend huge birthday party brother/sister twin friends. Bigfoot sit in sunshine, deck, host and hostess so nice, bring water/pizza/chocolate pretzel/plenty cheez doodle. Bigfoot work little bit. Mostly worry. Carb(how much?)-injection(guess)-running around(low?)-cake (high?)-2nd injection(mistake?)

When this get better? Know from read, answer is never. Never get better. Always hard.

BC=Before Cheeto, Before Cake

Bigfoot know many nice person, cut Bigfoot lot of slack. Today so sunny. Perfect day for party. Host, hostess make Bigfoot feel at home, not dork with medical supply hovering in creepy fashion. Before diabetes, Bigfoot probably characterize adult stay at party with needle bag Big Creepy Helicopter Loser. Bigfoot lucky most people not mean like Bigfoot.

I had a mouth full of Cheetos while telling Bubs he had to wait to eat Cheetos.

Tomorrow Bubs’s last normal day for while. Friday skip school for Animas pump lesson #1. Shudder. Bigfoot learn insert tiny tube under skin. Hope not barf. Know pump good. Trust pump improve health, improve life. Know lucky insurance provide pump. But dread learn how use. Not even use remote control Bose radio–climb up kitchen stool, reach top refrigerator, use regular on/off button instead.


5 responses to “Birthday

  1. Kay Tarson

    You’re going to amaze yourself with how easy it will be to insert that needle because you are that type of a mother. I had no clinical skills at the time, but when my daughter was 6 weeks old and in the hospital, a measles epidemic broke out. The girl in the room next to her died of measles. My pediatrician said that if I could learn to give an intramuscular shot into my baby’s tiny thigh three times a day, we could blow that joint. Ah. How perspective suddenly enabled me!


  2. YOU’RE that kind of mother. Whoa! Intramuscular in a wee tiny baby. And WHOA! Measles killing people all around you? I don’t know how you can do anything but drink, eat salt/vinegar potato chips, and process this!


  3. sweetopiagirl

    Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.


  4. i have just reached the bottom of the front page of your blog, after mainlining them all in one sitting (i came here from kerri’s blog). i am resisting the urge to comment in bigfoot stylie. instead i will just say THANK YOU to kerri for sending me here and THANK YOU to you for introducing me to the flying frenchies (what the shit is that?) and also for getting “what a fool believes”, then “who’s zoomin who”, then “pump it (LOUDER)” all in my head in rapid succession.

    thank you so much for your voice, it has brightened my day immeasurably and i look forward to relating to many more of your posts and laughing so hard it echoes off the walls of my empty (for the moment) house.


  5. SHANNON! You are making me so happy. Thank you. Now I’m off to neurotic city for the night.


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