this was a picture of lucille bluth
This is all just so dramatic it makes me want to light my hair on fire.

Bigfoot not much coarse language but oh my holy fucking god are you fucking kidding me? Persistent hypoglycemia. Bubs’s blood sugar not go up. Not go up. Not go up. Episode of The Office. Not up. Episode of The Middle. Not up. Again The Middle. Way past bedtime. Not up.

Hear of phenomenon but never experience. Foolhardy! Think never happen Bubs, possible for Southern diabetic child or urban diabetic child or Finnish diabetic child, maybe Sardinian. Similar unemployment, hurricane, mugger victim. Know exist but think not for Bigfoot.

Try make sense. This not interesting for normal person. For Bigfoot, fascinate.

March 6th, 2012

7AM: 76

45g breakfast (1/2 banana + smoothie)/3u Humalog

10AM: 100

6g snack at school (4 wheat thins, turkey slice, cheese slice)

12PM: 82

42g lunch at school (PB& Nutella sandwich, blackberries)/2u Humalog

2PM: 137 Oh boy! Happy days are here again. I knew this would happen eventually! So good, so good, so good

4PM 68 Low. That’s OK.

12g glucose

Kraft white American 2% slice on Bimbo. 12g carbs for those who leave crusts. Fried in organic olive oil=health food.

4:15PM 78

55g snack (sushi, apple, milk)/3.5u Humalog

6:15PM 378AYFKM?

Re-check: 286. Seriously?

Re-check: 316. This is bullshit

72g dinner (turkey taco, bean taco, milk, girl scout cookie)/7u Humalog (5u for dinner + 2u correction)

7:30PM 70 We are TRYING to get READY for BED here. 

15g cookie + swig of milk He’s probably about to go high but I guess I’ll follow Dr. Doughnut’s orders…

7:45PM 57 ?!

15g glucose I’m bringing out the big guns, motherfucker

8PM: 86 That’s more like it

One year ago, I considered a fractured wrist an unfathomable pain in the ass. It was the garbage bag over the arm/arduous sponge baths. Cute!

9u Lantus Normal normal normal

8:30PM (I think I’ll check just to torture myself with how high he’s going) 63 Motherfucker!

15g glucose Don’t fuck with me

8:45PM 86 That’s IT?

9PM: 12g one half grilled cheese sandwich (perfectly toasted, pictured)

9:45PM 110

Kim + Endo-on-call tell Bigfoot same thing: glucose every 15 minute until over 80. Then add protein. Make sure number stay up through night. Prepare self for high morning, deal with high later, it OK. Barely able stop navel-gaze formulate thought: so lucky people help. Kim (calm person w/ Type 1 child) and Endo-on-call respond Bigfoot ask help. Patient. Immediate.

Bigfoot plan up all night, last night Bigfoot spouse turn no sleep. Check 11PM, 1AM, 3AM…until number shoot so high want shoot self in face. Not sure how behave this all-nighter. Make black tea, enjoy awake? Work? Apply self-tanner hopeless grasp maintain Bahamian glow? Research Irish food? Probably make banana breads.



  1. jesicarn · March 7, 2012

    Is it sad that i can relate and laughed? I guess it is diabetes humor when you have a child with type 1. Love your blog! For two days we battled highs and ketones with TONS of adjusting and then tonight we hit lows…fun, right?


    • Katy · March 7, 2012

      Now he’s at 225—I guess I’m grateful? Thank you for reading and writing. I am for sure grateful for the internets


  2. Kim · March 7, 2012

    I absolutely adore this fucking post.


    • Katy · March 7, 2012

      And I adore Billy’s cake! I tried to post this clever comment but I couldn’t seal the deal:

      Is the frosting foie gras? I love that Billy focused on the frosting, just like a human birthday boy.


  3. Zak · March 7, 2012

    Too much Lantus. The end.

    Fuck diabetes in the face.


  4. Katy · March 7, 2012

    that made me laugh! in the face.


  5. cbwinchild · March 7, 2012



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